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On the long drive, can your husband drive so you can nurse her before she gets all worked up? I know if she is anything like my kids, once they are over the edge there is no turning back. Its much easier to prevent ( or try) them from getting that worked up. My littlest is 9 months and is a tiny little firecrackery peanut of a girl. Small enough that no matter how hard I try to tighten and fix the car seat straps she can pull her feet in and try to stand up. She...
I'll never get the concept where parents think that giving their children free reign to do whatever they chose, wherever and whenever is showing them total respect.>>> Exactly. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water. While we all know its wonderful to be respectful and considerate of your children, you also need to equipt them with the tools to be deserving of that respect from other people because you wont always be there to take it all away and point out the...
OMG thats funny. Well not funny that bad things happened. Congrats on your baby.
My 3 YO asks for water above everything else. We've never been big into juice and rarely have it.we dont drink much milk either, so water is about all she has ever known LOL Though she will say to me " Im thirsty for your boob mommy" ROFL
I protect my children when they are very young, but tend to let up on it as they get older.. even to a point of them not liking it sometimes. I figure its good for them to figure out lifes lessons though. I *do* protect them in areas that I think are appropriate, whether they like it or not.. like not allowing them to spend time around certain kids that everyone else in the neighborhood is hanging around. I tell them " I dont care if everyone else is hanging around...
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