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It's been a long time...can't seem to make the time for myself online or otherwise .  and of course i can't seem to navigate the new system either.  should be easier, but i'm technologically challenged...   i'm truly sad to hear that mothering ceased publication.  i read what shanna said on the last page and couldn't agree more-i really have enjoyed the time with this online community.  and if it hadn't been for mothering magazine, i never would have found yall. ...
saw your post on fb. Hope you all feel better soon!
hey all, just checking in. hello? maela, any news about jaim?
Steph, s
Cking, My $.02: Get dh to go to Target, to the camping section. Get an inflatable queen sized bed. it costs less than $100 and if gmil can't sleep on it, maybe you can? be sure to put a blanket under the mattress and on top of the floor to keep it warmer.
Congratulations Christina! Welcome Little one!!!!
Cking, rest well and have a great birth! Happy Birthday Steph!
Cking, that little one is smart-waiting until the hub bub subsides. Drink some cocoa and take a nap (if you can)
cking, are you up to your armpits in snow yet?
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