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Kristin - WHOA. That is a lot to deal with. I am so sorry for the traumatic experience. I can only imagine how difficult that must be to process.   Sending lots of get-healthy-go-home vibes to Jase and Josie (LOVE THE NAMES!) and lots of be-gentle-take-care-of-yourself vibes to you, mama. May you find peace and comfort in the days and weeks to come.
Hi and welcome, noramrubys!
I have the Best Cradle, too, but find it way too uncomfortable for sleeping in. And I do hate how the across the chest straps show with pretty much all maternity tops!   If I had a more flexible, less restrictive belly band, I can see how wearing it at night might help with comfort, kind of like how wearing a lightly supportive bra to sleep in helps with breast tenderness and soreness.
Oh my gosh, you guys.   I hate to come on here and do nothing but complain, but I am SO WORN OUT.   I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow. I had an u/s this morning and they are estimating Baby A at 4 lbs, 8 oz and Baby B at 6 lbs. I know u/s estimates can be so inaccurate, but that sure would explain why I can't breathe after just walking across the room! Ironically, both of my boys are head down and would be in perfect position for a vaginal birth, but alas, they'll be...
yes! exactly!! I do have a few zofran left from earlier. I may resort to taking one of those now and again to make things a little more tolerable.
Sweet pictures, jessmn. Keep us updated on the kidney situation!   WELCOME southernmommie! It's pretty cool to find out so early, isn't it? I found out at 8 weeks but I had NO IDEA. Such a surprise. That's cool that you had that feeling!   Quinalla - congrats! I wanted b/g twins so badly, but it wasn't meant to be for us. I'll share in your delight!     For those who are in the 3rd trimester (or if your babies are here!), have you had any queasiness/morning...
HOLLY! That is WONDERFUL news!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!   And yes, I'm sending lots of healthy, strong breathing vibes to Little Miss Wendy. Keep us updated when you have a chance. Congrats again!
Congrats, Mahira, on your healthy baby boy! Glad you were able to solve the mystery. :D
Holly - that is AWESOME! I got chill bumps reading it. What great news all around. Here's to just a few more weeks!
Lemon Twist - congrats, congrats! Your girls are beautiful!!! Glad to hear you are finding your rhythm.    Adaline'sMama - what a relief to have your first NST/BPP go so wonderfully. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that the 35 week appnt goes just as well!   I'm also having CRAZY amounts of contractions when I'm on my feet. Mostly BH, but some are getting quite crampy feeling. And some of them are bringing some cervical pressure when I'm up and about....
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