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my fully vaxed 8 yr old has Rubella right now. The Dr. did not take any blood or saliva but it presenting exactly like Rubella so we are pretty sure it is. I doubt that it will be reported though. I'll be interested to see if my part vaxed but no MMR 4 yr old gets it.
Is it a Red Measles outbreak or Rubella (German Measles) ? My 8 yr old has Rubella right now. When I took her in to the Dr they said "oh its Rubella all right, keep her home, she's contagious" that was it LOL I did let the school know though that she has Rubella. Also* she is fully vaxed
It was an awful episode. I knew from the minute that child was diagnosed him would die from the "Dreaded" measles. : Isn't it illegal to vax a child without consent? Also if they had already been exposed would a vax even work? I hated the whole episode, I don't think I'll watch anymore.
from the time I was sixteen I said I was only having 2 kids because I knew the third one would be twins. Fast forward thirteen years when I got pregnant while breastfeeding #2 and ..... surprise surprise it was twins. I phoned my DH from my girlfriends in tears after my ultrasound at 6 weeks (since I hadn't yet had a period from #2's birth) to tell him about the US and he quickly said, "are you ok?" and "Its twins right?" "OK talk to you later." I could have smacked...
hello, I wondering if anyone can give me insight to an experience I had this week. I was working, sitting at a table taking names, when this gentleman (I have never met before) handed me his drivers licence. When I took it, he was still holding his hand, the entire room spun around us. The colors blurred and it was like being in the center of a vortex. We were both standing still in the middle. I pulled the licence out of his hands and laid my hands flat onto the table...
I had them too. The d#@m OB ripped one open with the forcep in birth #2. Dh said he'd never seen so much blood. sarah
no, but so far I haven't had a kid that willingly came out LOL The twins birth was the easist of the three experiences but the second was breech and there is no way I could have gotten her out on my own. Sarah
you'd be surprised by the number of unvaxed kids around here I think most people just don't discuss it out loud, but I've met quite a few. Sarah
hi, I live in Langley and I read that article earlier this week too. I'm pretty sure your little one should be fine just don't let any strangers kiss her or get to close to her. Mumps is spread by spit. I don't know if you know but in May there was an outbreak of Scarlett fever in a few local schools. Also my littlest ones had Rubella earlier this summer. I wonder what the vax rates are around here LOL. I'm waiting for my next call from the health unit, as I...
Quote: Originally Posted by dolcedaze In Paris in '98, they had these amazing potato wedges. I guess it was just a test market thing that didn't stick around, since they weren't there when I went back in 2000, but they were sooo good! we've had those here in southern BC. on and off. I think its a "special" thing we also have sandwiches. I had a guacamole burger in California. Yummy
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