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I do believe my boys have chicken pox...I'm off to google it to compare (and to find out how long they may be contageous for if they still are)
I am having transportation and childcare issues right now so I didn't make it to class...I emailed it to him this morning with an apology and request for contact information (ie: what times/rooms he'll be in) tomorrow if he prefers a printed copy. (my class is only m, w, f) I used word thanks everyone!
i still offer with my ds, but I have limited him so much (for my sanity) that i think he doesn't want to be disappointed. so yes I offer to nurse my ds 3-4x a day. he requests to nurse 1x a day usually. forgot to say he's 21 months (how did that happen?! )
I got pregnant with DD when DS was 11 months old, my milk supply stayed the same until 33 weeks when it became colostrum. it was gone for maybe 2 days. D_McG-it didn't feel natural to me, but neither did weaning. I am really lucky that I made it through the first few weeks okay and now I couldn't imagine it any other way!
I don't normally nurse DS and DD together but yesterday he asked after I'd let down so I let him and he held her hand while nursing and then when she unlatched he unlatched long enough to say she was done and burp...then when he was done too he smacked his lips, licked them and said "that was good!"
my ds2 was like that as well. in the past couple weeks he has not had a problem with it. I'm glad because I was about to wean him over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by LoveOhm I would email it to the professor & also email it to yourself... printing it in the library or computer lab at school. just curious why you would do this? in case he doesn't get the emailed copy?
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaChel I have emailed almost every assignment for 2 years. What is your instructor's policy on electronic submissions? I have one instructor who wants paper submissions for *most* work. Everyone else actually prefers electronic submissions. If your school has a computer lab you could also email the paper to yourself and print it off at school. he didn't say...but I think I'll probably email it to myself. wow why...
Quote: Originally Posted by heatherweh That is exactly what I did and she wrote back that it was al an error because her e-mail had just filled in my e-mail, her library assistant for one class is also named Heather. She thanked me for being so gracious about it. :-) I always read to much into things, like PP said, i was actually going to consider doing it; that would have been hilarious if she thought her class assistant was doing all the work when it...
I have a paper due tomorrow and it's almost done, but I don't have a printer at home and I can't print it before class. I was going to just email it to the instructor and let him know when I get there that I emailed it to him... ...and then I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't? my other alternative is to email it to my sister and have her print it and bring it to me before my class. Do you think it's okay to email an assignment? I am planning on getting a...
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