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Boys can definitely get UTI's. That was my first thought. He should probably see somebody about an antibiotic. Or, if you're more into natural treatments for UTI's, you can do a google search on d-mannose. That's what I use to treat mine. But I'm thinking you should probably have a culture done to make sure that it's a UTI that you are dealing with. I hope he feels better.
: I'm SO there. I don't wanna stop every few feet at the store for the "stoplight". Can I please just proceed to where I was going??? And when I "run" the "stoplights" I get a firm tongue lashing.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeanine123 My almost 2 year old son at the time once stuck his finger up a goat's butt. He was going through a (thankfully) short lived phase where he liked to put his finger in holes. And well, we were at the wildlife park that had a petting zoo area, the goat was just the right height and the "hole" was right there beckoning him. We scrubbed his hands well after that and went on our way. After laughing our butts off and...
She's probably got some lab (or some type of retriever) and spaniel in her too.
Try giving her something else. Instead of ground, try a chicken thigh. If that doesn't work, try something like turkey. Or even pork or beef. My dog will not eat pork, but she'll eat other raw things.
Riverscout, I am where you are. I have two boys, a three year old, and a six month old, also born in October just like you. For these first several months after my second was born, I was having some monsterous postpartum migraines. I don't know what I would have done if my mom hadn't stepped in to take care of my 3 year old. Every time he would come home I'd get another migraine. Now my doctors now realize it was from my blood pressure rising. Having to take care of...
As moms, sometimes we get extremely selfless and do and do and do for other people during a time when they should really be doing for us. I find that I often get ignored if I don't speak up forcefully sometimes. I would sit around with stuff festering inside of me thinking that my husband "should know" what I wanted, or that I shouldn't "want" what it is that I want, so trying to pretend like I'm not bothered, and trying to be generous and uncomplaining. Then I become a...
That sounds extremely crappy. You should let him read what you wrote and how you felt. (Not necessarily here, but just print what you wrote.) He needs to see how jerky he was, and you need to communicate how you felt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellen Griswold Yes, yes and YES!!!! You also know everywhere in town that they are sold so that these places can be avoided when the budget is empty. You might also drive out of the way so these same places aren't passed. OR! Or, maybe it's Lightning McQueen. And you know where they are sold and you know how much they cost at each location down to the tax, and which store has different new ones, and you know...
I just found myself having a straightfaced conversation with hubby over who does Funkytown better, Kid Bopz or Alvin and the Chipmunks... eta: Definitely the Chipmunks. Twas unanimously decided.
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