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When you find yourself making a round of calls to all the important people in your life, (i.e., daddy at work, grandma on her cell, grandad at work, and best friend who is also a mother) to allow the little one to make the all-grand announcment of:.. a successful poop on the potty. :
Quote: Originally Posted by tjjazzy *when you barely notice the baby smears across your glasses anymore; just peer around them to type Oh god yes. The grabby six month old and his giant, usually slobbery, Hulk strengthed hands and my glasses. good times. You know you are a parent of a grabby infant when you've just put away the dangly earrings for the time being and went with studs, or none.
I say three because this is where my personal comfort level seems to be hitting the ceiling at. We dealt with this recently. We were at a family reunion which was held in a location where there were a lot of stuffed animals, one being an Alaskan brown bear standing on it's hind legs. My three year old was facinated. Later, my husband came out of the bathroom from taking a shower stark naked. My 3yo looked at him, and told him that he was just like that big brown...
Newborns are floppy and learning to nurse them effortlessly takes weeks of practice for many moms. I don't think I could have taking a long road trip with either of my boys. Especially not the youngest, as he DETESTED carseats and only started tolerating them when he was old enough to notice his older brother sitting next to him. He was like, 2 or 3 months old by then. I've taken trips with my oldest when he was a couple months old and older, after he got used to...
My 3yo is potty training and he has been having this problem. Then it leads to a cycle. He thinks it's going to hurt so he holds it until he is constipated which makes it hurt again. Do you think your 15 month old is holding it because he think it might hurt because it has hurt a couple times in the past? I give my 3yo Ready Fiber. It's clear and tasteless and I put a spoonful of it in one of his juice cups every day. It keeps it from getting hard and difficult to...
Plugging for basset hound. If you can stand up to the basset hound odour, maybe even feed raw or at least cornless diet to minimize it, they are so good and laid back with kids.
Thanks for the tips. I'll see what we have available in my little isolated area.
my husband made me stop buying raw from the grocery store because it was getting too expensive. I been giving canned food because i'm not surewhere to look for decent prices on raw. I heart raw, though. My dog loved it. She really came out on it. I can do th organs from the store. Everything else was getting too expensive.
Raw feeders, where do you get inexpensive raw meat from for your dogs (..or cats...or ferrets, for that matter..)? Just wondering.
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