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Praying this baby is a sticky one
I'll be 6weeks on Wednesday, the nausea started this past Thursday and is slowly getting stronger. Not fun at all but all part of pregnancy for me.
I would like to join, I did this in my last ddc and still wear my necklace.   I'm in the US
Only 4w5d here so not w whole lot of symptoms so far.  Extra tired, super sore boobs and emotional.  I get super sick during pregnancy around week 6 so I'm expecting that trend to continue but am not looking forward to it at all.
This will be number 4 for us.  Got my BFP last tuesday night and I am still in shock!  We also are in a small (just under 1000 sq ft) home, 3 bedrooms and in the process of finishing a second bathroom.  It's a bit overwhelming for me right now.  We also homeschool/unschool. I think at this point I am flip flopping from being freaked out to be joyous.   So glad to have others to talk to as we go through this journey.  Especially those of you that have been through number...
blue butterfly Jami 33, I will be 34 begining of November this will be baby number 4 May 28th, but i have never made it to my due date so we will see Girl  
Total surprise here!  We did not have plans to have any more children, guess that's what we get for making plans, lol!
we use laura helman.  she has never pushed vaccines on us, just asks us if we want to do and if we don't she says ok.
dd is 13 months, 18lbs and 28 in.  She eats a ton and is still nursing.  She's just skinny, there is no way this tiny girl could eat more than she already does.    Your lo sounds perfectly healthy, mama!
dd3 is 13 months and the only non mama milk she will accept is almond milk, i think it has a sweeter taste than other milks.     and as far as the chocolate milk goes, i was offered chocolate milk as a young child and am ashamed to admit that at nearly 32, if im going to drink milk, it has to be chocolate. not good at all.  i'd much rather my children not drink milk at all than do chocolate
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