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Or this one.
No clue what this look was about.
We've all done it and survived, it seems It just takes a lot of planning, and bring wayyyyyyyyyyy more crap than you'll ever need on the flight, "just in case." ALSO, nobody has mentioned motion sickness: my twins do not get it but my 1.5yo does, and I use Hyland's Motion Sickness pills and also Motion-Eaze. I flew alone with my 1.5yo puking every hour and that was far worse than traveling with twins!
The ALACE birth doula workshop I went to was $375, I think. DONA should be comparable.
Sounds like you're taking a lot of iron! My iron was ALWAYS low during my pregnancies (and I ate/took tons of iron) and eventually a CNM realized that I was an Alpha Carrier for Thalassemia, which is a very mild form of sickle cell anemia. I believe they check that through the hemoglobin -- I'm a little hazy on the details, it has to do with the amount of oxygen in the hemoglobin or something. Anyway, one thing that kept showing up was my iron was always low, no matter...
I don't know, maybe I was too harsh before -- I didn't pump much with any of my kids, so I suppose it wouldn't really matter if it were only for 5 or 10 minutes. If I was interviewing doulas and I met one that I really clicked with, it probably wouldn't be a big deal if she told me she might need to pump.
I have 3.5yo twin ds' and a 1.5yo dd. -I take them everywhere with me, because everything can be made an interesting trip! Even just going to the grocery store, they are fascinated and we talk about colors and shapes and food. -I exercise 3-4x/week, at the YMCA, where there is childcare, so I get to work out, and they get to meet other kids and play for an hour or two. -I belong to a moms club and attend a lot of activities -- just as much for the kids as for me...
For the love of all that is holy -- GO DIRECTLY THERE, DO NOT STOP! I say this because once we had a connection. Kids slept BEAUTIFULLY -- for about an hour, during our first flight. We got to our connection, and they screamed from the moment we got on the second flight til we got to our destination.
Okay, I got into the cloth thing with FB, and I like them, but now that my dd is getting closer to the L size, I'm thinking about switching to a different CD. What I like about FB: Easy to use Cute Snaps What I don't like about FB Bulky Poly (I'd prefer cotton) So... suggestions? I've heard good things about Swaddlebees OCV (but SO expensive) and Beetlebabies (sp?) Hemp? I'm willing to spend for good dipes, as we plan to have more kids and they'll get used!
Thanks. I found a couple sites that were helpful, but a little vague.
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