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I havent been active here lately busy chasing kids and catching babies. Just wanted to say RuthAnna Lynn was born into her daddy's hands, at home, April 10th. We are so very blessed, will post birth story soon. I    oh mamas I will say some how consume your placenta, I had a smoothie(could not taste a thing) right after and encapsulated the rest, WOW I feel great!
Any one can call CPS for anything with no valid proof or reason. IF someone calls they have to fallow up. As for the doctors, just dont go or call there is nothing they can do. Dont give them any details, remember you are employing them. Uc in all state is legal. Ignore them all and enjoy your pregnancy, if you need them you know were they are. 
Peace be with you and your family.
In M.I were I live we can get 300in plus of snow. We do tons of stuff w the kids sledding, I go x counrty skiing, even when pregnant, and ride my horse. Just have to learn how to have fun in the white stuff. Oh winter coat, carharts come in really big sizes, mine covers a pregnant belly, and not to $ and they are warm.
I also knit and crochet! I have alot of retro and vintage patteren, originals from the 50's-80's. I have made some things, but I dont have the time like I want to devote to making all those really cute hand made baby layettes. I plan on doing a spring layett I hope I can get it done. I make a blanket for every baby I have. Thats my list so far. Iam looking for an quick and easy soaker pattern.
Not much ms, I have been so very tired. Yesterday and today havent been as bad, maybe hitting the turn around in that department, I hope. I love to sew!!! All sorts of things, sling, diapers, clothes. I have had a few cravings....leading into my issue that Iam dealing with. DD is 11 months and it takes for ever for me to lose the "baby weight." I have done research and Iam going to stick to my current workout routine and try to manage my weight. Any other mamas in my...
Casey Makela the founder and director of the Michigan School of Traditional midwifery Lives South of Alpena, she dose babies all over, and she knows most mws who practice in lower M.I her sight is www.traditionalmidwife.org  
  Iam on my 5th pregnancy, I had a mis in between my boys. I know the cynical feeling even though I only had one miscarage. Im always looking for the signs of a miss till after 12 weeks. That fears fallows me around till then. Wish I could shake myself from those feelings.  
You are in my thoughts. ((Hugs))
Wow lots of expecting mamas, so exciting!
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