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I'm new on this forum. My very clean girlfriend sent me her Kissaluvs. They were worn for 18 months by her lo and are practically stain free. Did I say are? I meant were. I soak them in a full washer and (gasp) spray with Oxyclean too to no avail. How exactly am I supposed to keep these puppies clean and stain free? Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by ithappened I can't even handle 1, no idea how all you guys do it with more. Usually it isn't this bad, but I haven't had all 5 alone before and my 'test drive' has been 3 weeks of flying solo with no family or friends to help out. Plus, my hubby can't contact me for 3 weeks. Nowhere to vent! I can't wait to get back to the normal Army bases with wives whose husbands actually work! It seems my husband is the...
Well, the hubby left for three weeks on Friday so it's me with the newborn and my 4 others. My mom and grandma were planning on coming up but have decided instead to delay that 2 weeks and rent a cabin nearby. It will be nice to 'get away', but I have to load all 5 and the 2 dogs up. Anyway, if you want a real treat try being in a house with 5 kids and no adult interaction besides the gawkers at the grocery store for 7 days. Good times! I was doing really well for the...
Wanted to introduce myself! I'm an Army wife and mom of 5. We're currently at Ft. Jackson finishing up Drill Sgt duty. We'll be at Bragg next month when hubby gets back from SFAS (if he doesn't make it we'll still go via branch). Anywho, I'd love to meet like-minded mamas!
Hi, Coming for the December 2009 ddc to say I had a c-section 4 weeks ago and have been exercising daily. I avoid and exercises that could make my rectis split worse (lowering legs, etc), but I do core training like planks. I ran and did Turbo Jam until I delivered so I'm back at that. My doctor gave me the all clear and I began doing cardio a few days after having the baby, starting out easy and building up. I'm ebf and eating 2600 calories a day. This is my...
I thought it would be fun to thread our recent photos. Here's a recent picture of my baby girl, now 4 weeks old! http://www.flickr.com/photos/86271129@N00/4262712463/
I nurse her until she's sleepy then I swaddle her and put her in her bouncy on vibrate. Many of my babies would sleep swaddled in the boppy (head on back cushion) because it felt like arms. At night I co-sleep. She sleeps well in her moby too.
I LOVE turbo jam! I also dig Jillian Michaels and, on lighter days, the Biggest Loser workouts. One-On-One with Jackie is great too! The Firm videos are great too if you are short on time. Toning with cardio is super effective for weight-loss.
Quote: Originally Posted by Awaken I offer all the time to do things with him 1:1 so he gets plenty of attention, but even as I read to him he's screaming this gibberish and climbing all over me and the baby, I eventually give up. I feel soooooooo bad because such a short time ago, he was my wonderful, lovely little baby and I'm sad that I can't snuggle and enjoy him right now, because I really want to! Maybe we should start a thread for moms of...
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