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Yikes! That's scary . . . I hope they tell you what they found in it.
I'd just ask the bride I guess. I would have wanted my flower girl smiling and cooperative, and if that meant white sneakers, I would have been perfectly happy with that.
Yeah, i would say no make up. Will your DD wear sandals?
My DD was a little younger than yours when DS was born. She was almost three when he was born and still nursing. We had night weaned her and she had cut back A LOT. I was planning on tandem nursing and so didn't try to encourage her to wean. However, I had a very bad experience tandeming and I wish I would have encouraged her to wean when i was pregnant. There were lots of INTOLERABLEL ikky feelings towards her which didn't help the guilt I feld about not having as...
Mine is getting a print that he saw this summer and liked and I secretly bought it, two shirts and a super-hot beef jerky from a local place.
Sounds just like my daughter at 3. She is starting to get over it now. She is, uh, I'm sorry to say it, 5.
I adore mine, too. I just made broccoli soup with it. It is awesome for pureed soups because you don't have to transfer it all to a blender little by little which is a huge pain and makes a huge mess.
I'm due date crashing here, but I didn't get a money association at all. It reminds me of Cassius Clay. Could you make Cash a nickname?
I agree with other posters -- start in the AM or the night before. I usually two big meals a week -- roasted chicken or pork shoulder, shredded beef bbq, or something like that. The other meals are smaller things like grilled cheese, quesadillas (with leftover chicken), spag and sauce, chicken pesto pasta (frozen pesto from the summer.) Then for lunches we have leftovers or sandwiches, usually.
I used to. Then I started putting my pics on flickr and the shots of my kids in the pool or in the tub or in a diaper got WAY WAY WAY more views than then rest of them. That really creeped me out. So, I put those to private, so that only my friends/family can see them. Or I take them down altogether. I don't put many pictures on facebook, though, just a handful now and then. I don't really worry too much about it. I mean it's totally gross and disgusting, but I am...
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