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Yeah, he only just turned 2 in August, so he's not really aware of the fact that people think he's a girl. If it does bother him, or if he wants it cut, for sure I will.
Thanks, guys Yeah, I know that he will never have those little curls again, so I really don't want to cut it. On the other hand, just about everyone, the majority for sure, thinks he's a girl. It doesn't bother me that they think that, it's just annoying, you know? DD will say "and here is my brother" and people will say, "oh, you have a brother AND a sister?" DD will say "NO, HE IS MY BROTHER RIGHT HERE." It also doesn't help that he often carries a doll around like...
Okay, so, second question: Should I cut his hair?
Hey, you cheaters!
We use headlamps on red, too.
As soon as they start eating solids. Exclusive means nothing else, right?
And with a grasshopper.
Ha ha, yes, the child is mine -- Ani is my first's name I'm not spilling yet! Here's another. And thanks for the compliments!
So what do you think? Does this little cutie look like a girl or a boy to you?
Wow, I'm really relieved that other kids are acting like this, too. For those who asked, she usually sleeps from 9:00ish until 8:00ish, which hasn't really been a problem. Last night, she was asleep by 7:30. DH has been with her all day, so I'm not sure how it affected her, but hopefully she is just at a stage where she needs more sleep. So you don't think it could be an iron deficiency? Maybe I should have her take vitamins?
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