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Quote: Originally Posted by DahliaRW And fwiw, sleeping in a booster isn't always a huge issue. If while sleeping the seatbelt doesn't stay positioned then it's a problem. My ds1 can fall asleep in his TB and the seatbelt stays in place, his head stays back, etc, so it's not an issue for us. But it's going to depend on the kid and the booster. Yeah, I don't get this either. My 4.5 year old is in a HBB and on long trips (like overnight) she...
I would loooove lasik. My eyes are terrible. I can't even read a book without them because I have to get closer to the page than my nose allows. I think mine are worse than -8 though. Is there still a risk of your eye worsening after lasik?
My DS is always doing that kind of thing. He's 20 months and is constantly slurping water off the bottom of slides and laps up puddles on the deck like a dog. I swear he always has water availble to him, plus I nurse him all the freaking time. He's just gross like that.
I wouldn't do it here. We don't have good enough public transportation here. If I took the bus to work (1.2 miles) it would take me about an hour because of the lack of stops and the wait time. I usually walk to work, but if I am running late or if I have to pick up the kids from somewhere, I like having the option of driving. The people that I know who are car-free only do it because they get everyone else to drive them around which I think is a little annoying. I...
I frequently put raw egg yolks in smoothies for my toddlers . . .
We get Little Rooster Multi-grain. It's local here. http://www.littlerooster.net/
We turned our DS when he outgrew the weight limit. He isn't two yet, but he's over the 33lbs that our seat allows for rearfacing. We turned DD around right after she turned one because she hated the carseat, too. It didn't make a bit of difference so we switched her back.
Our big bed. I nurse him to sleep and lay him down in bed. Then join him when I'm ready for bed. He's almost two, and we'll be moving in a month or so. He'll get his own bed there. I figure I'll put him to sleep in his own bed and join him there if he wakes up. And then hopefully, hopefully, he'll start sleeping longer stretches. We don't have enough rooms for him to have his own in our current house.
I'd let it go. Sounds like a PITA to go to court over $35. I thought there was a minimum for small claims anyway, isn't there?
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz Finding open wireless networks and stealing people's data? taking picture and beaming them somewhere? the govt. eavesdropping? I'd call the police and report them. Call the police? Srsly? Why? Doesn't seem like they're doing anything illegal. . .
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