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Thank you for all the wonderful responses, I really appreciate it. I have talked to DH about how hard it would be on all of us -- much harder than it is now -- if I weaned her now. I really don't want to start out with resentment towards the new baby. He still thinks that weaning her now would give her enough time to get over it. That's two months. I just can't see myself doing it at all. Thank you to those of you recommended I try to look at it from my DH's...
Induced with cytotec and pitocen. No pain meds, though!
I am heartbroken. DD is 2.5 and I am 30 weeks pregnant. Anneke has been so difficult to live with recently. She has been tantruming like crazy about every little thing and it is really hard on all of us. She wants to nurse a lot. A whole lot. I let her nurse as much as she wants for the most part, but she also wants to pinch the other nipple which I do not allow her to do. This makes her furious. She also is always begging to nurse when I'm in the shower,...
Wow, that's pretty impressive! Now if only they made cell phones like that. I've lost two that way.
We eat it as much as we can afford to. Usually twice a month or so. We LOVE salmon.
We struggle with this too. And like you, for a long time, we just let it go. But now we really feel that she needs to brush regularly. (Especially because it's summer and people keep giving her ice cream. ) Here are our tricks: First Anneke brushes her own teeth for as long as she wants. 5 minutes or so usually. Then it's mama or dada's turn. She can choose. Usually she loves brushing by herself and doesn't like anyone else to. So. here's what we try....
I'm having the same problem. I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and starting to freak out. The girl will nurse all freaking day if I let her and there's not even milk there to speak of. She is just getting over a cold so I'm really hoping that she will lay off the nursing for a while. I actually thought she was weaning a few months ago, but now she's back at it with avengence. I really don't know how I'm going to nurse a newborn and a toddler 24/7. At least it won't hurt so...
Me either.
I just bought La Bassine. It just came in the mail yesterday and it looks AWESOME. I wanted a deep pool that wasn't too big -- so that my hot water didn't run out and so that i could push against the sides. It also has strategically placed handles inside which look very useful. DD also really liked playing in it yesterday.
I feel like this way more often than I should. Mostly when I have to put on tha bathing suit. :
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