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Yes, no coat in the carseat. Also, coats on infants just don't work very well...better to get a one piece fleece or other material romper that goes on over their clothes. I got a super nice one on clearance from Hanna Andersson and it is great! Then I just put a blanket over him in the carseat.
My older DS had it. Eventually we took him to a dermatologist who gave us a strong steroid that we used very sparingly, when it was really bad. Mostly, we didn't bathe him more than once a week, used California baby products, slathered him with oil when still damp out of the bath and then lotion over the oil (pure Shea butter). Eventually we figured out that it was caused by acidic foods ( oranges, tomatoes, strawberries) and now he has mostly grown out of it at age 7....
I like the BestBottoms a lot, although they don't work very well for babies with a long rise (as both of mine have had).  I think they are a really nice alternative to pockets, and you don't need nearly as many covers as you do for pockets, since you can reuse the covers similar to using prefolds and covers. I'm thinking of trying some GroVia hybrid ones if I can find out about the fit.   I can't speak to the girl vs. boy issue as I have only had boys! :)
I love our BG pockets (we have a few).  But the snaps on the front, now that it is unsnapped, rub and chafe my poor 9-mo-old chunky monkey's thighs!  I am looking for something that doesn't have those snaps on it, so I'm guessing something that isn't one-sized.  I do have Bummis covers and prefolds and that works well, except that my DH wants something more user-friendly/idiot-proof for him to use, meaning pockets or AIO or something.     Does anyone have a...
My 7.5 year old is still in diapers (Motherease BedWetter pants) at night time.  He is un-circ'ed, and he said that the wet cloth rubs and hurts his penis.  :(  So usually he wants to use GoodNites instead.  Hope that sheds some light on the issue.  I try to use fleece over prefolds for my uncirc'ed 9 mo. old because of this.
I am in exactly the same boat! I could have written your post. 6.75 years apart.
I use Motherease Bedwetter pants on my 7.5 year old. They never ever leak and disposable ones do. Worth the $30 apiece in my opinion.
I wouldn't do it, personally. It wouldn't be worth the nightmare of travel and I would just want to sleep the whole time!
We swaddled until almost 6 mos., if that helps. I read that babies outgrow the startle reflex by 6 mos., which is what needs to happen to stop putting arms in the swaddle. You could try swaddling with a blanket that you already have, and then putting him ( swaddled) in the larger sleep sack.
A friends little boy was like this and turned out to be gluten intolerant...the gluten inhibits digestion/absorption for him.
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