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That tempeh with jam sounds sooo good would love the recipe... If you care to share it.
Tomorrow I am making some vegan waffles and vegan bacon after I get back from my 5k race!!! lunch- will probably be something simple since I will be tired and will do peanutbutter sandwiches or grilled tofutti sandwiches dinner will be some type of salad since it gets soooo hot here already!     Sunday breakfast-  apple with peanut butter  and orange juice or soy milk to drink lunch--- vegan chicken drum sticks with vegan stuffing cut veggies and some black...
tonight was easy and a pop in the oven night it was vegan chicken strips and chipotle sweet potato fries. It was my fattening night I get one night a week till I just get tired of it (I eat the same thing on my fat night if I get bored I will give up those nights finally). I  believe for tomorrow I will be making bbq ribs and corn. Sunday I am making some chili for our carry in dinner we are having at church then Vday will be simple since hubby works (we have our date...
I dont shave as often as I used to. I do shave when I feel as if " I " Want to not society or anyone telling me to but that is very rare and usually about 4 to five months  if that. I do feel like I need ot shave or trim my bikini region only because I feel embarassed if I feel there is hair sticking out. My husband doesnt care what I do with my body hair. I probably will be shaving everything for a photo shoot I am thinking of doing for my hubby for our anniversary but...
 I had vegan chicken strips and stuffing and carrots tonight we had a thanksgiving ,christmas meal because it is snowing like crazy outside and we just felt like it. I had also made a vegan pumpkin pie as well mmmmm topped it all off with vanilla soy milk yummmmy we had a lazy night tonight. We have one sicky, and three that act like they want to be. ANyway have a great and warm night it is freezing here.
I have a ? about vitamens. I know that I can not as a vegan take glucosamine because of the shell fish and shrimp derivative however what can a vegan take for bone health? I run almost everyday and tonight when picking up the boys clothes of the floor my knee went POP and I went down and know it is swollen and hurts like heck!!! Anyway I know that I am getting older and need something for my bone health this is the third thing that has happend two ankle problems and now...
Tonight was make something quick night so I had a boca chicken patty corn on the cob and carrots. I looked for fruit in the house but no luck must go grocery shopping soon it is getting to were there is more dust then groceries hahahah. Have no idea about tomorrow though. I have a can of sourkraut but dont know that to do with that since I dont have any vegan sausage. Any suggestions?
cant wait for another year of hairy momma threads.
I have no advice what we did is probably wrong..... My MIL who feels bad about it got me a sherpa blanket that has wool on it. She got it when I was a vegetarian last year. So because she got it then I went ahead and put it on our bed because our room is in the basement andit gets coooold. I know not an excuse but it was a gift and we are using it.
Yesterday for christmas I had stuffed acorn squash. My stuffing had chopped pecans in it
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