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Quote: Originally Posted by momtoalexsarah Is there really any reason that a hiring agency should have to interview a room full of sority girls that want to work as ranch hands. That was the situation - the position applied for was a generic ranch hand - outdoor work with animals all conditions, not much more on the details. All these girls though that they wanted to work at this job beacause they would get to ride horses and meet cowboys. This costs...
I'm short on time, but my #1 suggestion for the moment is to go immerse yourself in the abundant fat-hot-love over at the fatshionista.livejournal.com It's done wonders for my self perception!
It definitely has potential, but the tones and individual people involved are key.
Nutritional yeast is a big hit around here. I usually put some on my daughter's eggs, popcorn when DP and I have it, and it's a yummy mix in with bean or veggie burgers. I didn't know there were different flake sizes, but I don't think it would matter all too much.
Have you tried a calcium/magnesium supplement before bed instead? I would be hesitant to take pharmaceuticals for sleep before trying more natural methods first. Pregnancy insomnia is no picnic, I hope things even out for you soon!
I think that $50 could nearly last you a lifetime in foaming hand soap! Okay, slight exaggeration, but it takes a surprisingly small amount of soap to make good foam. I second the idea of getting the unscented kind. I've been doing our hand soap like this for years, and I still get excited about mixing new scents. It's always a treat to splurge on a new essential oil.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phoenix Rising This could be the result of a botched circumcision or it could be a naturally occuring condition called chordee. Sometimes it is hard to tell but this downward curve is most likely chordee unless the skin on the underside is extremely tight. . I googled chordee, but I'm putting my money on a botched circ, for sure. There was no movable skin on his shaft whatsoever, and the curvature was obviously...
Crashing your DDC--just to say that I've heard people raving over how miraculous the soap cure is. Although I've always been told to put the soap under your fitted sheet down at the bottom. Good luck, it's no fun!
Differing yarn weight or hook size than the hat in the pattern maybe? If you'd like to share the pattern, I might be of more help!
An ex of mine had a pretty obvious (when erect) downward curve from a wayyyyy too tight circ. It was very difficult for him to reach orgasm as well, poor guy.
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