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i had a playpen we were given. i used it for daytime naps and potty breaks. i wish i'd found one of these: http://www.babyearth.com/north-state...eryard-xt.html earlier. you can put it on a rug and there's plenty of room to crawl/walk around. if you buy an expansion you can get in w/ the baby and do some chores like folding clothes etc. without having to worry about a nasty fall or baby getting away. you can lay down and nurse baby to sleep then get up and go about your...
it's taking me forever to finish undergrad. i'm in visual arts. before the plan was to get my PhD in psych and i was so near graduation when i came to my senses and went for broke doing what i love. the plan is to get an MFA at some point. Dh is starting is PhD in just a few weeks. he's in computer science with a focus on cognitive linguistics. he's pretty involved as it is but i don't know how we;ll handle the new wrok load. he did lots of undergrad research of his own...
that makes sense.
this is a fun thread but it feels kind of strange to me. why do people want to "diagnose" others in this manner. what is to be gotten from this? what is it you like about hearing this about celebrities. not saying there's anything wrong. i just don't "get it" and never have really understood all those lists about famous people who might have/had various conditions and or disorders. just genuinely curious.
if all you are saying about your kid's abilities is true (i have no reason to believe it isn't) then i think you need to tell him that the only problem is with his perspective. the only way the worry will go away is if he decides to shift it.
oh! fun fun. what are you guys doing for cover art? are are you just doing plane covers? oh and kerry, i saw the info about your book. it's on my list, although i may not get to it until my kids graduate high school.
Quote: Originally Posted by ShaggyDaddy Mitch Hedberg One of the funniest comics ever, he performed with sunglasses on, because he couldn't stand to keep his eyes open during a show because trying to see people's reactions was really hard for him. I love love love his work. one of my faves. Quote: Steve Wozniak (Steve Jobs' original Apple partner, if you see Woz, you will no longer think that Steve Jobs is...
when geek breed... congratulations :
slept from 8:30 or 9 until i woke him at just before 7. i think he might have gone a bit longer if i'd let him but he woke easily. gav him a dose of 2.5 mg. how much of a dose do youuse? he's 4 and a bit small but within average range we just used a pill slicer/crusher to get the dose right
who here uses it? i'd not tried it or a few other things because of cash flow and because i guess i was stubborn and had bad experiences with things meant to act on the brain. finally tried some tonight with my boy. some of you will remember my incessant whining about his sleep habits. he fell asleep at 8:30 tonight. he hasn't done that since he was born unless he had a fever of over 101. i keep checking on him. is it supposed to do that?! i keep reading that it's safe and...
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