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Love Having a Press! I have been using my press on small things so far like bibs and stuff, but I want to use snaps on diapers. My questions are 1) When making a PUL cover with 2mil, how should I reinforce the snaps? Would three layers of 2 mil do it? What do you use? 2) I read on OSDS that knits tend to button hole when you use plastic snaps. Does this mean all knits even velour, hemp, or fleece? Can you reincorce this or is it just not wise to use...
Oh...forgot one thing...after I gave up on the Kwik sew, I switched to the free online patterns like mamma bird. Now I just make my own. Hope that helps.
The Kwik sew pattern was the first I tried....Honestly I hated it. The wings are narrow and always come un velcroed and that was without help from dd. I also had trouble with leaking out the sides. Oh and this was before my first PUL order. I had bought some waterproof material from the local fab store and well, it was not so waterproof. She peed straight through the diaper after the second washing.
Thanks for that! I checked the Snap Store website. Their caps are 1/2 inch shafts or they have custom ones for other sizes. However their Press does not say what size it takes, I am guessing the 1/2 inch. So then I checked the OSDS site and they say their dies are 3/8 american size, but I dont know if that is the shaft size. So Has anyone out their tried the OSDS dies in the Snap store Press and does it work? Help please!
Hey, I have 2 quick questions. I hope someone has tried this and can help me out 1) Has anyone tried mixing the OSDS dies with the Snap Store Press? 2) How about the size 20 cap die from the snap store and the 20 socket and stud from OSDS to use with Industrial Snaps? Thanks
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