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Can you ask her to go to her room or something to cool down since her attitude is negatively affecting others? When my DD loses control I ask her to go cool down, sometimes this takes 5 min, sometimes an hour (At first it was always an hour, but as she learns to control her temper the time spent lessons). We always talk about it and I never ignore how she feels, but I try to give her the skills of expressing herself in a rational manner ie not being rude and mean...but...
I am using the Earlybird K right now, so I have not used the 1st, but we really like Singapore so far. There are lots of pictures and diagrams and stuff to help them understand the concepts. They also have a list of manipulatives (you would need to get these on your own) on their website, as well as a scope and sequence and a placement test to see where your kid would be at level wise. I really like it so far...but like I said we have not used 1st.
Hi....and Welcome. I am sort of a newbie here too, but I thought I might mention that there is a sticky "Tell us your story" which kinda answers some of you questions. So if you just want to read for a while before experienced people get back to ya, go right ahead. And no it is not a problem to post here when your child is 2 1/2. Mine is 3...and so far they allow me to be here :-).
Me too. LOL
We get through it by opening a new curriculum shipment (Sing Spell Read and Write) running laps in the great room (playing chase is what my DD thinks we are doing) and playing new games. Wish we could see the sun again though...
Yay! So happy for you guys!
I am also a former teacher and I am going with Sing Spell Read and Write as well. It is on sale at Amazon right now. I cannot give you any info on it as my set has not arrived yet. Sorry. We also use BOB books on the side. My DD is 3 though. She is also a natural reader and is asking for something more structured, hence the SSRW program we just bought. I know what you are talking about with the readers the school uses. Honestly I have found a few dumped off at the...
I am all cool with your petition thingy, but did want to mention that your Library might have some...mine does. Just thought I would throw that out there
Quote: Originally Posted by AnnR33 I think the early bird Singapore program might be a good place to start for you since your child is so young. That is what I was thinking too....
Cool! Thanks for all your help gals!
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