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We are moving to St Augustine this summer. Any St Aug mamas here wanna give me their recommendations for: Pediatricians OB/GYNs Veterinarians Daycares Elementary schools Natural food stores Fun things to do Anything else? What about the local La Leche League or baby wearing group or attachment parenting group?
Thanks! The pronunciation we use is FAY-druh...I'm not sure if there are other ways to say it. The traditional Greek spelling is Phaedra...we are using the French spelling.
Welcome Phedre! She weighed 7#4oz and was 20.5 inches long at birth on Sunday August 29at ~10pm. 39w+2d. Repeat Csection after induction failure after PROM.
My water broke Saturday morning..but wimpy contractions all day Saturday. Sunday was admitted for a pit augmentation. Unfortunately, 12 h later there was no progress and I was emotionally and physically drained. Phedre was born via repeat section Sunday PM. Baby girl is beautiful! 7#4oz 20.5 in long
I'm trying to focus on my new ride that I'm getting on Saturday. My BP was (amazingly and thankfully) normal today! And we aren't scheduling induction until after my 41 w appt.....still no changes but I guess I am a first timer in that sense (never dilated/effaced w the other two).
Thanks everyone for the reassurance! I just never thought about going past 38 w bc of it being #3, but from here and my local ICAN group, it sounds like most have gone past 40 or even 42 w with their VBACs. Now to change my mental gears and plan/prepare for going to 40+w....and for care for my older 2 after my mom leaves at 41+4 (she's been here since 36 bc we all assumed I'd end up delivering early again).
I feel silly, but I'm scared I just won't go into labor. It doesn't make any logical sense, but when is fear logical right? My first was a CS at 30.5w for pre-e/HELLP and my second was a RCS at 37.5w for pre-e recurrence. I'm now 38.5w and waiting.....my BP is high but stable, I'm not getting sick or having any pre-e symptoms....I'm just waiting. I have another appt tomorrow...and I'm gonna ask my OB how he handles >40w for VBA2C.... How many weeks were you for...
There were several large studies that disproved the birth and full moon connection, and the ER trauma and full moon connection. That doesn't mean it's not fun to speculate! I'm 38.5w (a full week more pregnant than ever before) and if she wants to be born now I will oblige!
Thank you for this thread! I'm 38 wks and have had intermittent BHs but have no cervical changes. My first was CS at 30.5 wks and my second was CS at 37.5 wks....no labor either time....so like someone else said, I feel "overdue" as neither of my other pregnancies lasted this long. My illogical side says I'm gonna be pregnant forever! But my body knows what it's doing right??? (Even though I know it's not an indicator, my sister just had a baby and she went into...
Welcome Levi! And yay VBAC!!
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