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I had to comment too. Bleah.
Quote: Originally Posted by nancymom Why? Ok, here is something even weirder that I have noticed. The people that are supposed to be pro-breastfeeding, like this lady in my story, are the ones surprised to hear about twins ebf. When my twins were 2 weeks old I called a breastfeeding hotline about a simple question and the lady on the phone was like "Wow! You have been ebf your twins for 2 weeks, that is awesome." I did appreciate the encouragement...
After reading a few discussions here, I am curious as to the ingredients of formula. I'd like to be informed. Does anyone have a good link?
As a breastfeeding mother of twins, I can verify that no one expects twins to be breastfed, not even medical professionals or other moms of twins. Its always assumed they are formula fed, period.
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingMomTo1 Wow wow wow. I guess I'm ignorant, selfish or horribly misinformed. And in response to this: What an assumption! I did not CHOOSE to FF. I started out breastfeeding. I did it for 10 days. I actually STARTED for selfish reasons, I knew it would help me lose weight and save our family money, and sure it was good for the baby too (Does that make me an awful mom? I mean, those reasons got me to do what...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sarah I'm confused... if the nursing problem was on the baby's end... why was her sister's milk introduced via pumping rather than her own? I assume it was because she lost her milk because my brother couldn't nurse, being so premature and very ill.
OT but is it just me or are the movies in theaters WAY TOO LOUD these days? The last movie DH and I went to see was the last Lord of the Rings movie and the battle scenes were so loud I almost cried! : Ok, that's an exaggeration but criminy, I seriously don't go to the movies anymore because our theater here plays them so friggin loudly that I literally can't stand it. Are they getting louder or am I just getting to be an old poop?
I nurse in church during the service all the time. But how about during a Hawaiian Luau during the entertainment portion of the evening? DD got sleepy so I nursed her and she fell asleep during the loudest drums I've ever heard.
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherEden As another mama of twins I experienced this a lot in my irl twins group. I was the *only* nursing mama (or one that nursed longer than 2 weeks) The other mamas would make snide comments to me about how I must think Im pretty great that I am bfing the twins. (well actually I do! but not in a holier than thou way) In my group it was pretty much unheard of for a mom to nurse, especially a mom of twins. I eventually...
I'm on another board for twin moms. Its very, very mainstream, which in and of itself doesn't bother me most times. I'm not extremely crunchy. I BF, CD, and co-sleep to some extent but that's not the point. Anyway..... One woman posted a copy of a letter that a mom in her IRL Mom's group posted on their web site and said that it "made her blood boil". The other Mom's letter was a tad on the hostile side in which she vented about formula companies (comparing them to...
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