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I think I'm going to break down and try one of these so that I can experiment once again with night time CDing. Any recommendations as to the best place to order from? Are there any VB dealers that have discount codes or coupons right now? I'm almost excited to try night time diapering again if I get to buy a new diaper.
This is what I get when I try to go there. Anybody know what's going on? http://www.diaperswappers.com/index.php
Mine seem to be stretched out, at least to the point that I have to drag the middle one down between the legs to get enough tension. I've only been using them for a couple of months. Is this normal?
that I think I like. ME Rikki covers! I don't know why I didn't try these before. I finally got some yesterday, washed them last night, and tried them today. They fit like a dream and I love the prints and feel of them. They are great with my prefolds! I like them so much better than Pro-raps. Now I just need to get some more dyed prefolds to keep me happy.
I have to add to the raves about these dyed prefolds. Wonderful! Beautiful! I just love them! And the shipping was very, very fast. I will definitely be ordering more.
I want to try a wool soaker for night time. I just got an Aristocrat for DD and am considering a Disana but am open to suggestions. I've seen so many pretty soakers but don't know where to look for one without sifting through a thousand WAHM's on Hyenacart. Any recommendations? Its for night-time under sleepers.
Its funny that you post this now because I have been on the search for the perfect PUL cover for my prefolds and just compared BSWW with the IV night cover. The IV night cover wins hands down. I just love them. They fit great, feel so nice, and seem really well made, so much more than other covers. Also, I am a big believer in the double leg gussets, which BSWW doesn't have. I just don't trust the Bummi to hold in the messy poop like the Bumpy. I'm going to try a...
I want to get one of these but read somewhere that if my baby is @18 lbs. or so to get the large and not medium. How do these fit? I'm guessing that DS is 17 lbs. now and that DD is 16 or so and they are gaining around 2 lbs. or more a month. Medium or large?
Yes it does. Thanks for the response. I'm still not brave enough to CD at night again after the previous disasters. Maybe when they are both sleeping through. Of course if DS is anything like my older daughter, that's going to be a looooong time.
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