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My twins are 5 months old and we've been using sposies at night after the Fuzzi Bunz leaked for us. We have no problems with sposies leaking at night but I know that at some point I want to experiment with night time diapering again. I'm thinking of drying a Very Baby Simply Nights if I can ever get my hands on a used medium. But anyway, my question is about changing babies during the night and the number of night time diapers you go through in a night. My DD twin...
Thank you. Where would you recommend a good place to get spray lanolin?
I got my first Loveybums crepe wool cover and I am excited to try it out. My question is, if I wash it in a wool wash (northern essence) that has lanolin in it, do I still lanolize it when I'm done? Also, last time I lanolized I had globs of lanoline on the cover even though I put some wool wash in the water with the Lansinoh. What did I do wrong?
Not to sound stupid, but do you just lay them on the window sill or what?
If you live in a cold weather climate, where do you sun your dipes in the winter?
I haven't read all of the previous responses so I apologize if any of this is a repeat. First of all I second the Miracle Blanket recommendation. They are worth their weight in gold! Get two so you always have one available if one gets wet or dirty. Trust me. Its so worth the money! Second, the best advice I ever got for lying down and nursing was this: Don't try to bring your boob/body to the baby. Get comfortable first, then bring the baby to YOU. I put a small...
I prefer the Dry with the ME AF covers. Those are my favorite PUL covers for the ME OS.
Quote: Originally Posted by royaloakmi I lost 90 pounds in 3 months while nursing my newborn twins - I so wish I had not read that. I thought I was depressed before.
Count yourself lucky. I am nursing twins and am not losing a freaking lb. I may even me gaining weight! Very, very depressing.
DS has the habit of arching his back into almost a "C" while I am trying to nurse him. I have to literally wrestle with him to get him to stay latched on. He's getting stronger every day and its hard! WTH is it with him?
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