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Quote: Originally Posted by boobybunny Hmm, I love junk food, but don't eat it. I use bleach occasionally to kill the mold that grows in our shower, I had a epidural with my induced third birth, drive a new crewcab F150. I also clothdiaper, have nursed this young lad for 16 months and still going strong, grow my own food, eat organic,co sleep and in the 13 months I have owned my truck I have only put 6300 miles on it. i admit, I am not as...
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa Have you thought about wool? Yeah, I'm still not sold on wool. But I'm trying to keep an open mind. I tend to like PUL better so far.
I've tried small and medium Pro-raps and they both leave red marks on my twins, especially in the back where the elastic is. Edited to add that our ME AF smalls are leaving marks now so we're moving up to mediums. I do like them but I'm wondering what else is out there that I might like. I've never tried a Bummis SWW. I have one small Imse Vimse night cover that I like. I just ordered a couple of them in medium and one BSWW in Medium to try. Any other recommendations?
Try nursing twins. My mouth is like sandpaper all of the time!
If you've been reading any of my other threads, you know we're going through some sort of problem here lately. In the middle of the night DD started some new behavior. She's the one that wants to hang on me constantly. Last night though fairly shortly after she started to nurse, she started to pull on and off and get very agitated, refusing to stay latched, and starting to cry. It seemed clear to me that the breast was empty and she was upset. I've been worried about my...
Quote: Originally Posted by annekevdbroek : I have no specific advice but I didn't want to read and not post. I did notice a slight drop in production when fertility initially returned. A growth spurt and/or developmental changes (your twins are 5 months old - ready to sit up? roll all over?) can contribute to sleep problems. WIth DS the worst period of sleep was 4-6 months, like waking 8 times a night. It passed as suddenly as it came. Hang in there -...
Quote: Originally Posted by pfamilygal My kids are so slim that the bubble butt helps keep their drawers on! :
We've traded our days from hell into nights from hell. Just when the twins calmed down during the day and started to nap, now the nights are just hell. It starts out with them refusing to go to sleep at night. After their baths they get almost hysterical to nurse and then afterwards don't want to stop and go to bed. DD in particular cries for an hour and a half sometimes before she will go to bed. Then they sleep for a while. DS gets up once around midnight. I nurse...
I got some beautiful solid dyed Indian Infant Prefolds from Angie at www.SugarPlumBaby.com. Good service and I love them. Right now they are my favorites (along with my Swaddlebee OVs).
Wanted to chime in really quickly here as I don't have time for a long post. Our twins are about the same age and I got them off the bottle supplement to being exclusively breastfed now. It can be done. PM me if you need to talk about it.
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