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Try the Red Cross, they should be able to get ahold of him.
Any real legit ones that you can actually support yourself on take time. Anything with computers takes time and money to learn (either in school or self taught), medical transscription takes school, clothes/diapers takes learning how to sew and the money to do get started, any selling like Avon takes a ton of "selling", you have to know people and really put yourself and your product out there to make it work. Can your partner go to school to increase his skills, or...
I have a client right now that is hosted with the godaddy website thing and it's terrible. It's not as easy as they make it look. Really, none of my clients who've come to me from "website builders" had any luck making an visually appealing and visitor friendly website. I would do the WordPress thing and move up to a real site later on... given the options you present, I think that's the best one.
You have to drive it home to daycares to CALL YOU. I got all the excuses in the book when my oldest were little about how they can't do that, they don't have the staff, the kids need to get used to it, they need to cry (ugh), etc etc. I told them if they can't call, we wouldn't be back. They started calling. Might not work for every daycare but you are the parent, you are their boss, paying them. Calling mom or dad for a hysterical baby breaks no "rules" that any daycare has.
I'm just down the road from you in Salem and have had the heat on (to 69) for a month. It generally doesn't kick on during the day, but it's on a lot at night. And I'm STILL cold, wearing a sweater, jeans and shoes!
When my stbx started acting almost human and the kids responded to it, I was a little jealous. It didn't take long to enjoy being able to do dishes and not have kids up my rear end the entire time. It'll pass. I just hope for your kid's sake, he keeps it up (they rarely do, it's usually just a show).
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiki Runs Aside from the overly aggressive, inappropriately entitled tone, it was over the moment I saw he'd used the wrong "you're". Sorry, pal, no can do. I'm dying here! I would respond with that bit right there
I'm doing it now, looking at my financial aid award letter right now! I'm going to try to do all online classes for winter and spring terms then figure it out from there.
I would offer to accept payments, ask her to send $20/20/25 and you'll drop it.
Considering the circumstances of my soon to be divorce, I'm burning mine as soon as I can legally do so...preferably throwing it on top of a giant burn pile some farmer has going.
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