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Peter is 4.5w and weighs just over 9lbs. He was 8lbs4oz at birth and lost ~.5lbs before gaining.
I started on Day 2. Its not about stash building so much as supply boosting for me though. I'm a pretty bad pumper and get 1oz/side in two short sessions each day.
I'm way lighter then my pre-pregnancy weight and none of my pants fit yet. Until the last few days, my hips were too wide. I noticed that my maternity pants and larger underwear for pad-wearing have been falling down more frequently and sure enough I can get my jeans up and buttoned now. There is still the issue of squishy belly fat and stretched out skin to contend with though- I have a serious muffin-top in my pre-pregnancy jeans at the moment!
Eventually, but that was my answer before Peter came along too. I've always expected that I would have a house full of children. I hope not to have my third for a few more years (and preferably not at the end of the summer....).
LLL is definitely not opposed to bottles/formula no matter what! I've been in your shoes with low supply and am doing my best to maintain an adequate supply now for this little guy- its really difficult. Keep up the good work and LMK if you need to chat about the difficulties of low supply.
There is no way I could get even just one kid out the door and someplace by 9am. 10am is pushing it for us many days...
News? I had my baby! Finally! Another UC (this time unplanned though). Its August news though- he was born 8/28 I thought having DH home for a few weeks would be too long but I'm still not really doing anything except lounging around nursing.
Peter is a week old and I'm in awe that he is gaining and gaining well! DD and I had so many nursing issues that I never really expected to have an adequate supply for this little guy. : that this keeps up.... DD is adjusting well. She PTed herself last week out of the blue. I'm gradually getting out of the house more and more. I'm still a bit uncomfortable on my feet for really long periods of time, but every day is an improvement over the last.
No, but that's more related to our plans to homeschool then me as a SAHM.
I only have a 3yo (and newborn) but I really appreciated the discourse in Preventing Childhood Eating Problems (amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Preventing-Chi...2123807&sr=8-1). While I won't be implementing all of the author's suggestions in my own home for a variety of reasons, I found what the author had to say was useful in addressing my own issues with food (from childhood) and how I approach mealtimes and what my child eats or doesn't eat.
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