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My baby boy arrived early this morning!
I'm still here... tomorrow is my first 42w mark. I'm leaning toward my dates having been off though.
What about doing a frozen buttercream transfer for your fish and other detailed decorations?
I'm still pregnant. I've been looking back in my journal from Nov/Dec and trying to figure out if I could be less pregnant than expected- we've had my "due date" as 8/13. My first was born at 41w1d and thanks to some concerns about some medical issues, I've tried a few induction techniques with the blessing of my MW that haven't produced a baby. I'm at peace with it at this point.
I am in a similar situation and have been working with my MW to get this baby out before my bp gets any higher. My final dose of herbas and castor oil are on board, I'm pumping for nipple stimulation and doing whatever I can to get this baby moving out. Here's hoping!
I'm still pregnant, no signs of labor- was 40w a few days ago.
beet juice goes over well with my toddler, and hten I use the rest of the beets in a carrot muffin recipe. I have a borscht recipe that is served warm and contains pork sausage that is super delicious! We roast them with some fat in the oven and eat with salt. If you have access to canning supplies, you could pickle them?
My toddler is so fascinated by the rain. You would almost think she had forgotten about it with all her questions (Its really that she hit the 'why????' stage at some point since it was last overcast regularly.). She also assumes cloud cover = cold weather and it has been a pain to convince her that she cannot wear long sleeves, pants, wool socks, a sweater, rain boots AND her rain coat and last winter's wool hat to play outside. I'm (still? Is that allowed yet?)...
I switched to doing our laundry. I like to line dry at least some of the stuff and got sick of always having the drying racks out. I try to keep one day as our "at home" day and I tackle chores on a rotating basis (so every other week I change sheets and vacuum upstairs and do whatever else needs doing up there and on alternating weeks I focus on the downstairs. I tr to take 15 minutes or so once or twice a day to straighten up the main level of the house- put theings...
I go every week and love it! By the time I arrive, most stuff is already set up and out, so I don't often have to ask if something is available. I have a reasonable sense of what is ripe when in my area, so when I tentatively plan on having say... peaches this week and there aren't any, I ask the people with stone fruits when so I'm not disappointed next week. They usually toss in more info like "yeah, late frost this year!" or "It has been really wet and cool down...
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