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maybe the honey baked lentils recipe someone posted?
Why can't you just wait for spontaneous labor?:
I'd love if you could tell us how to find/install these mods!
I am a SAHM. We rent and it will take us longer then we hoped to save up for a house here. We're not quite certain we will remain here for more then a few more years so we're still trying to sort out renting vs. owning for our situation. We would need a second car if I worked (plus gas and maintenance and parking). We would need to pay for daycare. I would need a new wardrobe. We would eat out much more frequently- right now I cook the vast majority of our food from...
I have a stack of file folders in a cabinet. They correspond to each regular bill we have- phone, water, electricity, internet, etc.- and each set of records we'd like to keep- apartment lease related items, warrantees, memberships. Mail comes into the house and is immediately sorted into "junk" and "not junk". Junk gets opened and I shred the paper with any valuable info (names, address). DD crinkles the mound of the rest of it that I make- she likes paper and it keeps...
We eat veggie burgers at home occasionally- I make beaked beans as a side and grill the burgers (and pile them high with spinach and other fresh veggies)- its a fairly quick and easy dinner. We also have a burger place that we eat in semi-regularly- DH is takign a class once a week at night and if we don't meet him for dinner, we wouldn't see him for 16+ hours those days. One of the only vegetarian options in that area that I can eat (need low-fat due to gall bladder...
: I originally signed up for freecycle back when I was pregnant, bored, and had heard that some posts can be pretty funny in a pathetic sort of way. I've been offering things on freecycle all weekend. The only amusing thing I could see was that the cheap knife block I offered up has recieved 30+ responses. I posted it about 12 hours ago.
cleaned the bathroom floor! and the bathroom sink and mirror! clenaed the mirror in the second bathroom I scrubbed my kitchen sink I freecycled a ton of stuff. I dusted all my bookshelves. I cleaned the computer room- I hadn't touched under the desk/the bundle of wires since we moved in: Put away my yarn. Put away all the junk in the living room. Finished my taxes. Tomorrow I shall sit on ym behind and enjoy the clean!
My mother (SAHM for years) thinks this way. I'm not allowed to be frustrated or complain about the mess in the house/chores I need to do, etc because DH helps me out.
Quote: Originally Posted by khaoskat Reason being my LMP does not equate to when I got pregnant. I know they will use LMP though because they cannot due an US to determine gestational age by the time I get seen. The DX US will put me way ahead of when I should be due, to the point that they could force delivery at a time the baby is born prior to 37 weeks. I believe I am due around 10/22. But going by LMP it will be 10/12. Then, my children are...
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