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Landon Henry arived on 11/2 at 8am.  7 14 and 20.5 inches long.
Our hospital sends us home with the diapers that we haven't used.  In the past it was about 20-30 diapers.  So we use those, then by the time they are gone 2-3 days the BM poop has started and we use cloth.  HTH
DH's thinking Yup I did that...I am THE man!  lol  Cute!!!!  
~Avoid pacifiers and nipples from bottles for 2 weeks to avoid nipple confusion.    ~Don't let the nurses pressure you into bottle feeding.   ~Ds nursed till he was 3 1/2 YEARS old! Don't let anyone give you grief.  He is almost 6 and totally adjusted, not a sissy.....   ~If you cloth diaper BM poop is washable.
I am 12 weeks and have felt it too!
    I was 38 with DS 1, 40 with DS 2, and 46 with this one.  Yes you read that right, 46!
Wanted to share we got to see our baby at 9 weeks 2 days via ultrasound.  Yea for a heartbeat!
OK I am confused.  My LMP was 2/14.  I have found a few due date calculators that say I am 9 weeks 3 days and more that say 8 weeks 3 days.  What is it?  Any help?
I am here!!!  I had a 3 month miscarriage 17 years ago (back when they used months not weeks).  Then 2 live births these "babies" are 7 and 5.  I had another loss at 8 weeks in Oct of 09'.  I am 5 weeks pregnant again and scared to death!  I am 45 on top of my past history.  Can't wait to meet this peanut on 11/14.
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