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Quote: Originally Posted by enfpintj Good for you on the awesome day. I, too, am trying to get into a rhythm around here. A novel, however, is not 50k. That is a novella. A novel is 80k - 100k from what I have read. I'm nowhere close to that yet, but that is what I have seen here and elsewhere. so keep that stuff coming. From what I read, it depends on the genre. This is the list I found (you'd have to check around for accuracy but it came from...
Thanks everyone We intend to be self-employed by the time we move so any neighborhood would work as long as we can find something that fits the budget at the time. We are planning to rent apt, condo, house, whatever we can afford at the time, at least at first. I'll look into all the neighborhoods mentioned! I do think that I'd definitely trade the freezing winter for rain and a cooler, less humid summer. And to be near the ocean and moutains would be beautiful
I am in research stages now but we are hoping to move to Seattle, sooner rather than later but no date as of yet. We are from Michigan and I just wanted to ask for any advice on areas to look into, general info on life in Seattle vs elsewhere and some comments about the weather (I'm fine with all that I've read about the weather but am looking for quotes to send on to family who tells me it rains 360 days of the year there to keep them from saying that since none of them...
I've been on MDC for a while (since sometime in 05) but never made it to a coffee night. Actually haven't been on here in a while either. I am Jen, we are in wayne county - on the oakland border. Dh and I have been married since 02 but we've been together since 92. We have one son who is now 3 . He was born at the Providence ABC. We also have 2 big hairy doggies and some fish.
Quote: Originally Posted by sunnmama There are audio clips on dictionary.com They list 3 different pronunciations-- 1. dull, mull, cull with a short uh 2. full, bull, wool with an italicized oo 3. fool, cool, school with an unitalicized oo Didn't listen to the audio but this is how I pronounce them.
The whys just started here (at 2.5 yrs) and I can't wait for it to end but I guess I'm gonna have to start thinking of wittier things to say from what I read here! But I think I started it by asking him why he was doing things (he usually answers "hmmm", thinks for a second and then changes the subject).
This is a good book: Better Basics for the Home: Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living by Annie Berthold-Bond And she is also on www.care2.com (the site is down right now for some reason or I'd send a direct link to her section - look for green living or ask annie sections) Oh wait, I found this in my saved stuff: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/mak...aning-kit.html We use a lot of her recipes in that book. I think the arm and hammer (www.armhammer.com) site...
We have the one by little tikes (http://www.littletikes.com/toys/my-r...?Ne=1&N=26+130) - it's not as expensive as the fisher price one. My ds loves it and it has survived him tossing it around and dropping it. He loves it . (oh and it didn't lose the pics in memory when the batteries died and it's very easy to use).
I'm an ENFP (every once in a while I show up as INFP because my E/I is pretty close/balanced but the rest is always NFP).
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