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Chavelamomela-I would really like to see it but I don't know if I can access youtube from my computer. Is there any other way I can see it?
subbing for now
Hi everyone. I've been reading even if I haven't been posting. I'm shocked purim is almost here, it's next week. I have no clue about costumes, they may wear decorated t-shirts/costumes (over shabbos clothes). I hope that's not terrible to allow. For the seuda we're going to friends (who are having over other friends too). It should be a nice size crowd and lots of little people for my little people to play with. It's the first time we're not going to a certain...
I was wondering why I didn't see a thread for Sh'vat. Rivka-I'm quite impressed.
I also wondered about giving my son all straight-As but thought that would look bad. I wrote how he enjoys different subjects and was progressing nicely. In the future, if I'm running out-of-time to submit it (or stuck for how to phrase things) could I just do straight A'?
Quote: Originally Posted by tikva18 anyway - parsha books. I presume you are looking for something more than "My First Parsha Reader" http://seforimcenter.com/prodtype.as...FRDxDAodgTh0nQ I wanted to second that book. Another good option is Tell Me The Story of The Parsha (I think that's it). It's less detailed than My First Parsha Reader but has incredible pictures. It's pricey though but that's probably because the pages are each laminated so...
refua sh'laima
A gutten chodesh! (Wishing a good month!)
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