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Send it back. If you donate it, she'll just assume you kept it.
He sounds like my kind of cop. He cares enough to pull people over for driving around with unrestrained children. Children really need to be in booster seats until 4'9" and 80 lbs, minimally. Regardless of what your law is, please consider the officer's advice. Please put your dd in a booster seat.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I just wouldn't let them take the kids any more and tell them why. -Angela Yeah. This is not worth it. They knowingly and recklessly put your children's lives at risk. THEY are not worth trying to educate. I mean, you can send them the information and everything, but if it were my kids, as far as I would be concerned, those people would never be watching them unsupervised again, for any reason.
My son was 15 months old when his sister was born. He was prematurely weaned at 8.5 months. (I lost my supply due to the pregnancy). I tried convincing him that he wanted to nurse again when Eden was born, but he wanted no part of my breast. I did pump and give him 30 ounces a day in a cup, though, for three months
Oh, my this is funny. On the first time this was posted on this board, I commented that the mama seemed awfully thin, and I was thoroughly flamed for it. People actually told me to Shut the Fuck Up : But, I stand by my original opinion. Although, looking more closely at her arms, they seem a little photoshopped. The musculature doesn't look quite right....like they used a photoshop type thing to carve off the sides of her arms
May I ask why he isn't breastfed?
Leaving a baby in a parked car in the driveway of a home while you quickly run in for your purse, or pushing the cart to the corral a few feet away, is one thing. But please, don't ever, ever, ever, ever leave a baby unattended in a car while going in to pay for gas. Pay at the pump or go to a full service station. I'm sure there are some who will disagree, but I would call the police if I saw a baby left unattended in those circumstances.
12 month clothing is intended for babies 9-12 months 18 month clothing is intended for babies 12-18 months 24 month clothing is intended for babies 18-24 months 2T is intended for 2 year olds 3T is intended for 3 year olds So on and so forth. Obviously, there's quite a bit of give from baby to baby. My 8.5 month old has been fitting in 12 month clothings since 7 months
Whoa, folks, cool it on the judgement. I have done it, and it's not as awful as y'all are making out. When DS was about 2 months old, pediatrician told me to put him on vitamin drops. So I did (I didn't know any better ) Unfortunately, I inadvertanently picked the kind out with iron in them instead of the TriViSol. Well, M, up to that point was an every-nursing pooper. After a week of vitamins, he STOPPED. After a few days, he started to get uncomfortable. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by spin462002 Your boys are under 3? I would not accept a child rejecting affection at that age. I don't think THAT is emotionally healthy. . People like you are the reason that children are sexually abused and don't report it. HOW DARE YOU say that my child does not have the right to protect his own body. What a ghastly, ghastly, ghastly attitude. If you were my kids' grandparent, you would not being seeing...
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