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The photo of the bums with the legs going every which way is my favorite Tell me about their personalities, please :
OMG! Is the last pic how they were in utero?! I love it! And what are you feeding those babies....BRICKS?!?! THEY'RE HUGE!!!!!!!!! So beautiful
I don't think that's out of line
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlla Yep, it never occured to me not to. I didn't care about having my maiden name (belonged to the father I never met) although now DH and I are changing our last name (the kids too) to a whole new name. We are doing this after we get our income tax Oh, this is interesting. Can you share more?
Yes, I did. I'm a feminist, but I felt that it was important to me that we had a little something to show our unification as a family. Now that I have kids, it's very special to me
Both DS and DD have Robeez, and DS also has had a pair of Stride-Rites since last winter. Softsoled shoes are great, but they aren't good when it's wet, or cold, or the walking surface is potentially dangerous. I love Stride-Rites
DD STILL poops at least three times a day. When she was a newborn it was with every nursing, so 12-20 times a day : I'm jealous of all you once a week pooper!
You're right. The only people who have watched my children were an RN (my mom) and an EMT (a good friend). When they are older, if we hire a regular sitter, she/he WILL go through a first aide/CPR course.
Awww, crud! I missed the NFL memo! I guess I have to go rub my baby down in other people's poop, so I can be super crunchy like all y'all Purell-haters!
We fit our Britax Wizard and Boulevard REARFACING in both our Hyundai Santa-Fe...which is the same size as a Honda CR-V, and our Dodge Stratus, which is about the same size is a Toyota Corolla.
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