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Man, they must have had to look far and wide to find a doctor who would espouse anti-AP theories. Is he some sort of religious radical? Calling AP ABUSIVE? How nauseating.
I would need some straight answers from her. Regardless of her religion, prosyletizing on the job is NEVER acceptable. Tell her, regardless of her religion, you will treat her beliefs with respect, and you expect her to do the same, and that any infraction of this rule, including leaving religious tracts around your house, will result in termination.
that's priceless
I think it was well-written and not condescending or unkind
Quote: Originally Posted by roxyrox I have never heard of taking older children's carseats on planes. here some airlines don't even let you take an infant carseat on board. They do provide skycots though. Personally I would not take a carseat on a flight even if it was allowed. Your child will be cramped, kicking the seat in front and probably not wanting to sit in it for the whole flight! Far better they have the whole seat wher they can perhaps put...
No, I wouldn't. As much as it is a thoughtful gesture, it's too much of a risk to take. Anything like that would be thrown away. Sorry, mama.
Quote: Originally Posted by OR Mom Update. I took out the personal preference part of my letter, added some stuff about trying to teach the boys where they can and cannot touch each other and felt like the letter was sounding pretty good. So I let dh read the letter. He said it sounded good, but still needed some work (my dh's way of supporting the letter). I then said, "well, it does still need work, but I really feel your parents would rather it come...
Love the new post title!
Yeah. I don't get the 'no wiping' thing. You know what...it reeks! I always wipe after I pee. I always wipe my children after they pee. Plus they use cloth, so it's not like the pee is absorbed into the diaper away from their little skins.
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