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I freely admit that I will not read posts by repeat offenders. Typos and NAK issues are one thing and are easy to identify. For example, I'll be reading a postandallofasuddenallthewordsruntog3the.wrandhav3 eextraneousletters.thrownin. That says to me that someone's two year old is helping her type No biggy. But posts that are one big paragraph, full of irritating spelling errors, and run-on sentences just scream IDIOT to me. : If a person can't bother to...
That is really sick
Caillou makes me want to stick a fork in my eye. And now I'd really like a bathtub full of pudding, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by blessed Okay, I COMPLETELY understand if someone is standing there in a sweaty Tshirt and dirt under his nails from working in the garden. Or if you've been sitting there blowing your nose and sneezing with the flu the whole time. But my dh is a businessman and about as clean cut looking as they come. And nor was he acting sick. . Um...so being a businessman is a GUARANTEE that he is not carrying germs which...
Quote: Originally Posted by PatchyMama arent britax seats outgrown by height when the top of their ears reach the top of the shelll?I know that my books says that ..... Yes. PP, a BPB is a Belt-Positioning Booster
Five point harness is MUCH more important.
I think you handled it pretty well, actually. Your screaming was NOT a punitive tool. THAT's the difference. You screamed because you were terrified and thought that had things been a little different, your baby could be hurt or dead. That's enough to make ANY mother scream. And then, once the original adrenaline rush was over, you apologized. But you know what? I bet you made a huge impact. He'll likely not forget that any time soon. And a five year old, while...
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Nasty I would also keep some of that Purell stuff on hand, and constanly encourage them to use it, especially before they hold your kids, just to lessen the risk. Yuck!
DS is still a very oral child, so I do NOT buy choking hazard toys for him, nor do I allow him to play with any. I know he would have fun with some of them, but I have a horrible fear of him choking. I was an oral kid as well, and at eight years of age I almost choked to death on a marble :
I was in there the other night to examine the car seats. Because I am a car seat nerd I was laughing at all the stuff and how ridiculous and unnecessary a lot of it was. And then when I left, I really wanted to get pregnant again.
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