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I'm very puzzled as to why a 34 inch baby doesn't fit in a Marathon/Decathalon/Boulevard. DS is 36 inches, VERY long torsoed, like his daddy, and fits fine rearfacing in his Britax Wizard (the old Boulevard) If you buy a Regent, my guess is you'll have her harnessed in it for years.
Quote: Originally Posted by *MAMACITA* the funy thing is i was in line, not at the cashier.... i was off then phone by the time i was at the register..He had no right.. and even if i was on the phone.. thats my deal not his... I worked as a chasier most of last year.. it never bothered me, cuz you never know who is on the other end.. yeah, it doesn't matter WHERE you were in line, he had no business harassing you like that. I really bet he...
He was WAAAAY out of line. Is it possible he might have been slightly demented? (FFR, it's pretty rude to talk to someone on a cell phone when you are standing and checking out at the cash register)
No, you can't put your hands there in public.
I thought it sounded like a sweet and cute gesture, not cheap
Ds is a voracious finger chewer He constantly jams as much of his hands into his mouth as he can. I figure he'll outgrow it, and it doesn't bother me, except NOW. He's got some sort of rash/chapped thing going on on his face. To the point it's all red and inflamed and peeling and actually BLEEDING in spots . I'm treating it with anything I can think of, but now the hands in the mouth is EXACERABATING it, because he's constantly got drool pooling round his mouth. If...
I have never lied to a medical professional about my children. I am well-read and I feel that I can back any decision I have made. I don't do anything half-heartedly. My pediatrician is completely aware of every decision I have made regarding my children. I trust her to take care of them when they are seriously ill. I should trust her with the information of how I mother them. Now, as for ME..."Why YES doctor, I excercise! 30 minutes every day! Oh, and I ALWAYS...
Reading this the whole way through...my guess is the girl has a crush on your DS....is that a possibility?
CPS is not going to show up. As a paramedic, I went on several of these types of calls. As a paramedic, I am a mandated reporter. Dirty dishes and crumbs wouldn't make a BLIP on my 'potential neglect or abuse' radar. Seriously, you would not BELIEVE the stuff we see on a day to day basis :
The logic behind not calling them 'accidents' is to make people aware that they ARE responsible. Most 'accidents' are avoidable by one or the other or both parties involved. By mature and careful driving, you significantly lessen your risk. In EMS we call them MVCs (Motor Vehicle Collisions) for this reason. They really aren't accidents.
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