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You know, I always get suspicious when someone tells me, "My doctor says I shouldn't breastfeed." What I think probably happens MOST of the time is the mama doesn't WANT to breastfeed and gets 'permission' from her doctor to ff. That way she can tell people it's under 'doctor's orders'. :eyeroll (this of course doesn't include people with legitamite medical reasons to not bf, such as being on anti-seizure medication)
You're the mama. It's all about your comfort level. You are under no obligation to allow anyone to drive your dc. That being said, the following people have driven DS, 2 years old, besides me. 2 dear friends who both have small children and clean drivers' records, and my own mother. (also has a clean driving record.) DD has only ever been driven by me or DH.
Yes, I do. If a toy is used to hurt someone (someone is hit with it) then the toy goes in time out.
People who try to make this a live and let live issue, or who are nasty to those who would like to see it banned, REALLY don't get it @@. It's a public health issue. Period. I have no responsibility to tolerate smokers in my air space. They can go give themselves cancer in private. Their right to be foolish about their health stops where my right to breathe fresh air starts.
Quote: Originally Posted by talk de jour I don't, and I'm glad. IMO, if you want smoke-free places, patronize only smoke-free places. If enough people feel the way you do, they will win out, no? I don't agree with legislating morality. It's not morality. It's public health.
Quote: Originally Posted by boingo82 I think you are asking the wrong question - instead of "should we outlaw smoking in public", the question is, should we allow ANYONE to light small objects on fire and carry them around in public? I don't think so. That is a public safety hazard. That is not even counting the fact that the objects are extremely carcinogenic. I like the way you think Police Officer: "Excuse me, Miss, what's that you've...
I live in Massachusetts which is smoke free across the entire state. I LOVE IT and I will never leave Massachusetts unless it becomes a nation-wide thing Smoking is so nasty, and most smokers are so inconsiderate
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Poot NO no I should have been more precise. I would DEFINITELY call the police, take the child to a hospital to be examined, everything that any sensible person would do in this kind of situation. THEN I would try to locate the parents/family- but if in the end no one wanted this child, I would definitely want to keep the child and raise it, instead of the child getting sucked up into the foster system. They...
NO 2.5 year old under any circumstances belongs in a booster seat. A child needs to be in a 5 point restraint until four years AND 40 lbs before going to a belt positioning booster. Sounds like she needs a bigger carseat. You might consider looking into a Britax Boulevard, Regent, or Marathon.
If you can't afford the cost of another BOulevard, DEFINITELY get the Regent. 5-point restraint is more important than TSIP. Oh, the Parkway and Monarch are not lap-belt boosters. In fact, lap belt boosters are no longer manufactured. The P and M are shoulder strap positioning boosters.
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