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Quote: Originally Posted by teacup I read trashy mags at the gym. I see photo upon photo of an emaciated Nicole Ritchie running in her bikini. Assuming she is anoretic, doesn't that go against what you typically hear about people with the disorder? Don't most hide under too-big clothing? I don't think so.
I bet Hanna Andersson carries them.
Quote: Originally Posted by honeybeedreams this was kinda my point. look, you have to do what you feel comfortable doing with your children and family, but you did say you were open to suggestions. I am open for suggestions I thought we were having a dialogue. I wasn't trying to sound defensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by honeybeedreams : and also, helping children learn about impulse control is mostly about modeling and reminding. it's important that you control your impulse to "do something" about your son's "violence" other than reminding him to keep his hands and feet to himself and be gentle with his sister. (and moving and distracting him when required) he doesn't know anything about your history, he's just being a normal kid. one...
As a paramedic, I couldn't agree less with the comparison to homebirthing, vaccinating etc. A child who is being birthed at home or non-vaccinated is not actively in harm's way. A child not in a carseat is. Statistically, a homebirthed baby is LESS likely to die than a hospital-birthed one. Statistically, an unrestrained child is MORE likely to die than a restrained one. I will call the police. I have called the police. I have talked to perfect...
Don't borrow the money from them. The car is not worth the strings attached. They have you over a barrel and they know it. Return the car and find a way to make it work....why can't your husband use the bus system?
Quote: Originally Posted by ejsmama I'm sorry, I just can't let this pass. Did you just say you put your Dear Husband in timeouts? Does it work? Can I try? Any suggestions. Sorry, but that was just too funny. Oh, my Honestly, I'm open to suggestions. Both DH and I grew up in very violent households, and we both have a pretty low threshold for people hurting each other physically. I want DS to know that hitting is not...
What your DH seems to be missing is that his KIDS don't like it Can you remind him that kids are people too?
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I think kids grabbing adults tushies is inevitable whether their families engage in bumbdi squeezing or not. They're just sort of naturally at butt level.
Now that I think about it, the TRU in our area is quite filthy. :
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