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If the USDA stamp is on it, it has to be organic, right? I guess, I'm glad the option is there for mamas who really, truly cannot breastfeed and desperately need another source of infant food. I told Dom, if something happens to me, after he uses up all the frozen breast milk in the freezer, to please buy the organic formula from Whole Foods.
You are all so brave. I feel so....NEKKID...when I am naked
Your dc gets plenty of flavor differences from your breast milk. There really isn't a need to have other fluids than breast milk (and the occasional practice sippy of water for the older baby) for a child under 1 year.
I stole "Better full than empty!" from another MDC mama and used it the other day. The lady who commented, her face lit up when I said that
Ok, I read Kohn's UC and LOVED it, especially the bits about over-praising. And I have been working very hard to eliminated my 'good jobs!' from my vocabulary. I.E. instead of saying "Good job, climbing the stairs, Matthew! I'm so proud!" I say, "You walked up the whole flight of stairs by yourself. I bet you felt all the muscles in your legs work, didn't you?" Does that sound right? Anyhow, on to my husband. He had a CRAPPY father. On many levels. And he is...
Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy Even for a very mild reaction which almost completely subsided on it's without medication? Yes. The nature of allergies is that they are actually a hyper-immune response. For whatever reason, the body identifies the allergen as being a threat to the body, and arms up its resources to get rid of it. Unfortunately, the body can kill itself trying to get rid of the hostile allergen. With EVERY...
Ok, I am not trying to alarm you, but to get covered in hives for a first allergic reaction means the baby probably has a severe allergy to whatever the problem is. A second exposure could be MUCH worse, so it behooves you to find out WHAT she's allergic to...a simple blood test can answer that question. Depending on what it is, and how severe her allergy is, you will want to start carrying an Epi-pen and a dose of oral benadryl with you everywhere. Allergies...
I never noticed a smell . Does it bother your DS when he sits in it? How about going to the store and asking to *smell* another one, just to make sure you didn't get one with a bad case of the funk?
Oh, and not when the car is in motion, only when you've pulled over, I meant.
Quote: Originally Posted by krizty Well... If you can dip your finger in whiskey to sooth teething, I'm sure a little finger in whiskey won't hurt a baby on a car trip. I HOPE you were kidding?!!!!! Baby livers CANNOT handle alcohol. Even a small amount can have serious consequences. To the OP, no there is no such thing as a 'safe' sedative for such a small babe. Take baby out frequently and nurse her.
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