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My inlaws appear whenever they want. We never know when they will show up. They are even sitting our home when we get back from whereever we were. They come to our home to watch TV; at least that is what our children think. That is what they say to people who ask them if they have seen their grandparents. My MIL got mad and won't come up for a while because she said our kids didn't talk to her and didn't like her. How funny is that. Our children said how can you...
Once every 2 - 3 months HODY have family photos taken?
Junie B Jones, The Magic Treehouse, Nancy Drew, A to Z Mysteries, and my children read Goosebumps. These are the books my 8 year olds and their friends read. They have been reading these since they were 6. Except for the Goosebump books, they just recently found those.
Very normal! Even my children's friends talk about this stuff.
It is different for all kids. We have B/G twins. Our son was 5 when he started to right without training wheels and his sister was 6. It is when they feel comfortable.
I always have goody bags, not filled with candy. I ususally find nice things in the $1 section at Target and Michael's. I always find pencils, notebooks, and 2 other things that would be for a girl and a boy. I do not buy alot either. When my children go to parties, they usually bring home about the same things. The only time they have candy is when they have a pinata. I do not spend over $5 per child. Most of the things I but come 2 in a pack.
Our twins are Eli and Ellie. We honestly did not start out wanting matching names. Eli's name was set early on and Ellie's name was a compromise. He did not like any girl name I picked and I didn't like his. I picked Eli and he picked Ellie, 3 months after I picked Eli. I didn't even really like it, but it really suits her. The only downfall we have is with our insurance policies. Ellie's name is always first, so when they would get Eli's bills they wouldn't pay. ...
Our twins were almost 4 when our little one was born. They were a little afraid the first 2 days, but adjusted very well. Our daughter was especially more excited and wanted to hold her sister and help out. Our son was excited, but also was still into doing his own thing. My husband and I did not plan for our little blessing, but I like the age gap. Sometimes I feel bad for our little one because she doesn't have a twin; I would have loved to have another set of...
We were able to tell at 20 weeks. The U/S was very clear.
My twins are 8. They have both been invited separately and together. Most of their friends are the same, but they each have a couple that is just their's. I think it is fine to only invite one.
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