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As my family says, it was my generation's turn to have twins. My mother's side has 4 sets of girls and my father's has 2 sets of boys. I had a boy and a girl. When I got pregnant with our third child, it would have been nice to have another set of twins, but it is also nice to enjoy them one at a time as well. I found out my very first doctor's appointment and it was a shock, but a double blessing! Melissa
My little girl wanted to eat all the time. She was never overwight. I fed her whenever she wanted. She eventually put herself on a schedule. I would feed him when he wants to eat. He needs time to learn. You can listen to others, but in the end, it is your decision. Don't let anyone push you into it. You seem to be doing great. It does get easier as you go.
My son is the same way. Toys R Us sell slim pants and I just recently found him adjustable waist pants at JCPenny. Old Navy also sell the adjustable waist. He loves not having to keep pulling his pants up anymore.
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