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PA - $3.30 for 2%
My comment always is "What a wonderful handful they are; I wouldn't trade it for nothing."
I put all three of my children in a toddler bed at 18 months. Our youngest slept with us more, than in her bed. It wasn't because of her bed, it was more because I always let my children sleep with me whenever they wanted to. Our twins loved their beds and were proud of them.
Mine are always at the 50% mark.
I am not sure if I am allowed this type of question; so I apologize if I am not. My husband is looking for a job either around Hagerstown or Cumberland, MD. He has been laid off since October and we do not look for him to be called back because his employer has no work. If anyone knows of any openings, please let me know. Thanks
My Dh got laid off in October. It was to be a couple of weeks. We still never recovered form three years ago when he lost his job due to downsizing of the company across the country. He took a pay cut of at least $8. He didn't get his raise this summer either. His unemployment is due to run out soon because his income was so low for last year that there isn't much left.
Our oldest got hers pierced when she was 6. We cleaned them all of the time; she has ears like mine so they didn't last long. Her one ear was very sensitive and whenever she would change them they really hurt. Now she is asking again for them. I told her this summer we would try it again. I trusted my daughter with the decision. She kept good care of her ears. I only had to rimind her a few times to go and clean them. I would watch her and she did as good as job...
This happens at my house a lot! I ususally say, "What is wrong with your Daddy?" They turn around and go ask him. Our youngest is the worse right now. She is getting better at it. The other day she walked right past her Daddy. He was in the kitchen getting a drink which is what she wanted. She started to walk toward me asking for a drink. She looked at me and said never mid and went to her Daddy. I was so happy! I figured her is laid off now, helping out more...
My twins were 3 weeks shy of turning 4 when our youngest joined our family. They were a little scared at first. They didn't want to come home from my parents. So we compromised and let them spend one more night to get more comfortable with her. They were fine then. They did really great with her and wanted to help; especially our daughter. Her twin brother was helpful, but not quite as much. I figured it was a boy thing. There was no jealousy; just happy children.
Congratulations on your new blessings!
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