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We watched it today. My 8 year olds loved it. It didn't keep my four year old's attention. She says she like it.
Our little one, who is now 4, has always been in the 25th% for weight and 5th% for height. She only weighs 33 pounds right now. She is 37" tall.
In Kindergarten we separated our twins; we felt they needed to know what separation was. They did very well. In First Grade and Second grade they were together. I have asked that they stay together throughout scool because it is easier and we feel it is better. Actually, our principal ask us if we wanted them to stay together. Our twins are in the same reading level so that also puts them together as well. She gave us a choice. Since they passed the twin law, she...
My Mom's side has three sets of girl twins. My Dad's side has two sets of boy twins. I had boy girl twins. My cousin was pregnant with twins, but lost one early one. She had a boy and I have a feeling the other was a boy because she is on my Dad's side. I could be wrong about that. Noone in either sie used fertility treatments.
I haven't. I have never read Moby-Dick.
My DS likes to read, play cards, build with any kind of blocks, play basketball, football, hunt, climb trees, play with his dog, fish, ride his bike, wrestle, games about Pokemon. He also has a Gameboy and a computer, but he has a time limit for each. He also enjoys watching movies with his sisters.
We have always taken our children. We live in the country and our polling place is small. Sometimes they sit and wait for us, but most of the time they go in the booth with us.
We have had a toy kitchen with food and pots and pans, etc. for 7 years. We got he first kitchen when our oldest DD was 1. The one we have now is bigger and wooden with even more accessories. Every kid who comes here plays with it and loves it. I know that set would be a big hit here for ages 2 and up.
I had an U/S my very first visit; I was six weeks and they saw them. My friends made fun of me and said it was in my head that my clothes really weren't getting snug on me. I was having a lot of evening sickness as well. What a wonderful surprise I had that day!
My daughter was seven when she had her first sleep over at a friend's house. She has slept over many times at family members. I allowed her because I know the parents pretty well and know they are trustworthy and I know how they live. I, personally would not allow my DD to stay at a home where I didn't know the parent's very well. I worry about who the parent's are. She has gone over to birthday parties, but she is with a lot of other children and I either know the...
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