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I haven't. I have never taken a sleigh ride.
My boy/girl twins shared until they were three. They had their own beds across the room from each other. I was going to let them share longer, but our DD wanted her own space. I figured that out when she would go in hte room and not let him in. She wanted to be alone. They are 8 now and sometimes they will sleep together. I think it was good for them.
I found my twins as well as our little DD to be a blessing! There were days when my house looked like a hurricane went through and I was exhausted. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I actually was hoping for twins again, but it is nice to focus on just one.
I have 8 year old B/G twins. Both like to read. He doesn't read as much as she does, but he loves certain comics. I think comics count. He also like the Magic Treehouse books. His sister likes them too.
Our school sends home reports if they have been to the nurses office. With bumps, he should have seen the nurse. I hope things get better.
I hope things work out well for you. I have been where you are with his last compant downsizing and now going through it again. Construction now a days is very slow and not dependable; that is what my husband currently does and he is laid off as well. Good luck in finding a job.
First time ever, we are not going to be able to make our mortgage payment. His unemploment check will not come until next week and today is the latest we can pay without getting a late fee and it showing up on our credit report.
We have a Bitty Baby and an American Girl Doll. My youngest, although it belongs to her older sister, loves Bitty Baby. My oldest loves her American Girl doll. My youngest, who is 4, also likes the Cabbage Patches, she has a set of twins. I do not think she has a favorite. She wants her own Bitty Baby. My MIL bought her sisters and said she didn't think our little one needed her own. I will have to try to take care of that for her.
I started a list and was very excited. DD needs a keyboard; she takes lessons and the one she had is now too small. She is only five keys from the top. Youngest DD wants a V-Tech Cyper Pocket. Works out good because we already have a lot of the games. DS hasn't really asked for anything. I have two special items picked out for each of them. They only get three gifts for Christmas. One is what they want the most and the other two is what we want to get them. Now, I...
Three years ago the company he wroked for laid over hundreds across the county. He lost $8 a hour in pay. We still have not recovered. My pay was cut in half at the beginning of the year. We haven't been able to make it up. His raise didn't happen this year like it was supposed to. Now to top it off, he got laid off last Thursday. Unemployment is $50 less than what he brings home. We have no luck at all. I told my kids that since the gas prices are high and it...
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