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First let me apologize if the answers to my questions were already posted. I just found this group and to be honest, did not want to read all of the posts to find the information. Does anyone know why they want to leave the area where they are living now? Is Jodi still on the show? I have to say that my 2 year old nephew loves this show. He watches every day at 11:00 a.m.
We got a home equity loan to pay off our credit card debt. I know a few others to did that as well. Our interest rate is 4%. He was always getting laid off and we paid the power, phone, groceries, and gas with the cards. Interest rates are low now, you may be able to get a good rate. It worked our well for us. Good luck, I hope things turn around for you!
Our kindergarten does. Our Kindergarten has morning snacks, which the students bring in. On the students birthdays or close to them, they celebrate their birthdays. They even celebrate the summer birthdays before school in out. I am sorry he did not get to celebrate his. I hope he had a great day!
We use finger paint - we paint with Q-tips, cars, cleaning brushes, sticks, straws, sponges, lots of other things sugar mixed with food coloring - very messy but a beautiful end result feathers, yarn, pudding, macaroni, baby food jars Too many things to think of right now.
Yes, we finally got life insurance for me last year. That is when we were doing well in our finances and we really needed it.
I would look for a new pediatrician. My 4 yr old dd is only 32lbs and 36". She has always been in the 5th percentile for height and 25th for weight. The doctor and ourselves were never concerned. My ds is tall and slim; you can see his ribs. He eats and eats. He is just built like on of my nephews. The doctor is not worried about him either.
We have boy girl twins. They have been invited to separate parties as well as to the same parties. When the first separate party came up 2 years ago we explained that since you have some different friends that this will happen often and told the one whom was home that they will have a party in which they were only invited. They were still a little upset, but did very well. It is hard on them at first, but after a couple of times they just starting sharing their goodie...
Ours match, but it was not intentional. We had our son's name picked three months before our daughter's name. I picked his and my husband picked hers.
My children have MP3 players. I have tradferred from a lot of CDs and have bought tracks from Rhapsody. They are 99 cents for a single track.
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