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If I could afford to purchase a new vechile right now, it wold be the Honda Odyssey or the Honda Pilot. We have to wait three years to get a vechile, but I have already been checking out different ones and like those the best. My third choice is the Chevy Tahoe.
I would love to go back to school. My husband and I have been discussing this for two years now. Our yearly income is only $32,000 for a family of five. We cannot afford to take out a loan. Does anyone know of any grants I could apply for? Thanks
Our daughter will be 4 in September. She has been dressing herself for quite a while. There are a few thngs she needs help with. She loves to pick out her own clothes and dress herself. She is always changing her clothes. She loves playing dress up.
Everytime I try to write a reply, whether short or long, I somehow get logged out. When I click on Post Reply, I get a note saying I am not logged on, but I had just logged on. Is there something I need to change in my account? Thank you
This is just my opinion and how our twins and singleton daughter were. Our twins talked very early; actually everything they did was early. They have a cousin who is month younger than them and he talked late; he always grunted. I remember his parents and gradparents just grunting back at him. Our daughter also talked early, but not quite as early as our twins. They had over 30 words by the time they were 1; I kept track in their baby book. All of our children were...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nitenites Dh lost his job this morning. I am very sorry this happened to you. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.
My husband is going to be laid off soon. His employer had many suppliers go out of business and cannot find any more work.
Quote: Originally Posted by dgonz880 It's funny when I go to the store or somewhere people ask if they are both mine and I say yes and then they ask me how close together they are in age (DS is like 3lbs bigger) I tell them about 5 hrs. Then there is always a pause while they are thinking about my answer and then its always a shocking reply of "They're twins?!" I do the same thing. I love watching people's reactions when they ask how close in...
We have been married for 12 years. I would marry him all over again. We had our ups and lots of downs, but I love him and I know he loves me. He is a great dad and husband. His sister blamed for for a lot of things 2 1/2 years ago. She hasn't talked to us since. That actually was the best thing for our marriage. It brought us closer than ever. I would definitely marry him again!
We separated our twins for Kindergarten because we felt they needed the separation. Last school year we put them back together for First grade and they will be together from here on out until we want them separted. We put them together mainly so they would have the same homework. The teachers at our school our so different and for us it is easlier if they have the same thing to do. They know they are not in the same class to remind the other what to bring home and they...
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