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Our twins do not look alike at all. Our son is 1 1/2 inches taller and is very skinny with brown hair. Our daughter has long blond hair and is slim, but not like him. Our twins though have the "twin bond". They can finish each other sentences and share so much. When they were little, they are almost 8, one would start to make up a song and then the other would start to sing right along, knowing the same words.
I gained 65 pounds. I lost all of my weight within 2 months. I actually weighed less after having them then before I got pregnant.
My in-laws basically do not have a lot to do with our children. They come over, but not to see the children. My FIL comes to watch TV and my MIL usually just sleeps. When she is awake she watches TV and sometimes use the computer. We do not mind, that is who they are. SHe got mad because apparently our children never talk to her when she is here. I hate to tell her that if she would have spent more time with them in the past she would know that is who they are. Our...
My twins are almost 8 and I still get shooting pains in my lower back that lasts about ten minutes at a time. I have tried many things and nothing has helped. Hope you feel better!
I make all of the appointments and take our children by myself. We cannot afford for my DH to miss any work. He did take off to go with me when we took our oldest DD to see a cardiologist. We have 7 year old twins and a 3 year old. I take all of them with me when the twins are not in school. He never went to a prenatal visit just to the ultrasound appointments. My Mom has went to a few checkups with me when the twins and my youngest were babies. She enjoys doing...
When our boy/girl twins were babies everyone knew they were twins. When they started to walk is when people started to ask. They have always been different in height. Their weight stays close; she is 4 pounds heavier and he is 1 1/2 inches taller. People ask how close they are in age and I tell them they are 12 minutes apart. Then of course most people just look at me with a blank lo on their face and I have to tell them they are twins, and then they get it.
I took my son off of it two months ago. His doctor never said a word about the side effects. My Mom heard about it on the news. When she called to tell me I had already taken him off. I felt bad about him being on them for the past two years.
My three year old loves her bike. She has a scooter and plays on a trampoline, but the bike is her favorite. She evens rides it around the house when it is cold outside.
My oldest dd lost hers around four. As she got taller, it started to go away.
Someone gives my oldest daughter makeup every year for Christmas. She does not like to wear it. This year it came in a very pretty case. She got rid of the makeup and is using the case for other things. We appreciate the gift, but wish she could buy something else. Our little has gotten in it and has covered herself as well. A couple of baths and she came nice and clean.
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