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I do not like for DD to take a nap. She does take one, maybe two, a week if she is really tired. No matter what time her nap is during the day, she will be up until midnight or 1:00 a.m. I get up at 5:30 and I want her to be asleep by 10:00; if not earlier. My son stopped napping when he was two. He never took long naps anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls I believe a variation on that. But it's not that simple. I don't think people deserve the bad things that happen to them simply because of bad mistakes but I do think if you put out a negative energy often you will attract negative energy. I agree, that people do not deserve bad things to happen to them. We had a lesson in Sunday School similar to this a few months back. My children have been praying for...
Does anyone believe in this? Maybe not these words, but the meaning. I teach my children that if they do something to someone that something will happen to them. Maybe not right then, or very seriously, but something unexpected. They are questioning me right now because someone that has treated them very badly in the last two years is having a rough time in her life at the moment. Just curious to see what other believe.
Never tried it. grilled pineapple
At least five nights a week. HODY give your pet a bath?
I have always wanted four. We have 7 year old twins and also a three year old. He got a vasectomy two years ago, because of my many problems. I had to have outpatient surgery last fall. I am thankful for his procedure now because it would be dangerous for me to concieve and carry any more since my surgery. Having more just wasn't in God's plans for us. I just spoil the new babies in my family.
Yes, I believe it. That is what I am teaching my children as well. Sometimes it is hard and I do not always understand why, but I know God has bigger plans for us.
I watch a little girl named Rylea and there is a boy named Riley on my children's tee-ball team. I think Riley is still fine for a boy.
Quote: Originally Posted by lizziebits Well, I've never actually sold a home but I do watch HGTV all the time.... I would lower the price. I would also make sure the house was staged and decluttered. I mean, really, really decluttered. Like, one small appliance on the kitchen counters. No family pictures anywhere. Also, are you offering a commission to the buyer's agent? I agree with this. I watch Designed To Sell on HGTV at 8:00...
June - October we break even, the rest we are in the negative at the end of the month.
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